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  1. Nerzhul
    "Ok Wow!"
    Pros - I liked the theme. Really well done!
    Cons - Zero
    Saw this also at a gamer site. Wow!
    1. luuk
      "i love dis space it also look greet"
      1. K.H
        "Great Space !"
        Pros - Love that you revived an old space .
        It really brings it back to life
        Cons - None
        1. Dino
          Pros - You made the space come alive!!!!
          Great Job!!!
          Cons - None
          K.H likes this.
          1. Adrian
            "I got this feeling on a summer's day when you were"
            Pros - Mix and match, excellent styles and choices
            Cons - I don't care! I love it ;)
            A space I would've not considered given a boost by this showcase.
            K.H likes this.
            1. x-x_KIA_x-x
              "great pics"
              Pros - YES
              Cons - NO
              K.H, Adrian and (deleted member) like this.