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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space The Wizard's Den
    • Total 95
    • Hair 3
    • Hair 1
    • Hair 10
    The Wizard's Den has been around for a very long time. I think I bought in in 2009 and I was immediately impressed by its grandeur. Plus who doesn't like magic, dragons and medieval castles? By calling it The Sorceress's Lair it gave a twist to the space and a little bit of mystery.

    As everyone knows the apartment has 100 furniture slots but by utilizing the Alchemical Apparatus from Juggernaut, my 95 items are now 130. Juggernaut is amazing at giving us more items to place in our spaces on Home and I highly recommend them. I also used the Alchemists Chest which is an active item that shows your avatar taking a drink from something brewed, it's actually so cute.

    The Mouth of the Dragon bed has been removed from the playstation store, I never really found out why Sony would do such a thing since it is the most unusual bed on Home. Special mention must be made for The Minature Dragon active item by Sony, expensive in devouring my furniture slots but the effect within this space was well worth it.

    The Mercia reward items from Lockwood fit in well, conveying the illusion of a magical space from Medieval times. If you haven't received all the rewards from Mercia, do so as soon as possible, I think they are the best rewards on Home. Aquiring them can be arduous but well worth the effort. I have to mention also Heavy Water who created some of the furniture pieces in my Sorceress's Lair, they have now moved on to bigger and better things. Lastly, Veemee who created The Age of Swords bundle, which was perfect for this space.

    The outfit I am wearing is mostly Sony, except for the hair and headband by Lockwood. Special mention should be made to the staff which is only available through inspect... also a Sony product. I was lucky enough to acquire it through my good friend Myalana who has a thread on the PSN forums for rare clothing, I highly recommend it.

    I hope you enjoy my Sorceress's Lair.
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Remember: keep shopping, keep Home going.
    Bye for now...
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nerzhul
    "Ok Wow!"
    Pros - I liked the theme. Really well done!
    Cons - Zero
    Saw this also at a gamer site. Wow!
    1. luuk
      "i love dis space it also look greet"
      1. K.H
        "Great Space !"
        Pros - Love that you revived an old space .
        It really brings it back to life
        Cons - None

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