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  1. kwoman32
    "LKWD Leggings"
    Pros - Great pics and a lot of them! - Varied locations - Well done
    Cons - There isn't any
    This is a well done shoot and it shows!
    K.H and Dino like this.
    1. Dino
      "Wow!!!! I felt young again!!!"
      Pros - You spent a lot of time doing this and it shows!!!!
      Cons - Zero!!!!
      K.H likes this.
      1. K.H
        "Very Professionaly Done !"
        Pros - Love the Unique way you present each pic in all the different locals.
        Wow looks so good Lockwood should be proud, you make them look good
        Cons - none
        1. Nerzhul
          "Whoa!! Very Cool!"
          Pros - A lot of pix! Iliked it.
          Cons - none
          My sisters should see this! Great job!