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The Secret of Lockwood Leggings

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      What can I possibly say? Lockwood is my favorite developer and with good reason. They produce a plethora of products that encompasses everything anyone could want and need on Home, be it fashion, personal spaces, LMO's or furniture. Lockwood is known for creating products that are just amazing.
      I can not stress enough the versatility of the leggings. Many looks can be created with any one of them. Do you want a casual look? How about a sophisticated look? Hmmm, a sexy look? Well all these and more can be done easily.
      The Drop Science photo is a perfect example, taking a casual top and adding gold accessories created a sophisticated/sexy look. In actuality, it's what makes you feel comfortable wearing or the style you want to portray.
      The length of time it would take me to list all the items used in the photos would be daunting. It would take forever and I wanted to see how posting this thread is done. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to help.

      The six last photos were taken by Jin Lovelace for Twilight Touch, I did the Glitter Leggings and Jin did the Leather ones. Lockwood especially liked my Hindi avatar, commenting that " We never would have thought to put these two pieces together. " They were referring to the Bollywood top with the gold glitter leggings. I created my Hindi avatar to represent the beautiful Hindi women I see in the Toronto area who mix ethnic clothing with a modern twist and finally achieving stunning results. In future shoots I will include her because I would like to represent everyone. Isn't that what Home is about, a mixture of many different people meeting and interacting with each other?

      Remember: keep Home going, keep shopping
      Bye for now
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    1. Nerzhul
      "Whoa!! Very Cool!"
      Pros - A lot of pix! Iliked it.
      Cons - none
      My sisters should see this! Great job!
      1. K.H
        "Very Professionaly Done !"
        Pros - Love the Unique way you present each pic in all the different locals.
        Wow looks so good Lockwood should be proud, you make them look good
        Cons - none
        1. Dino
          "Wow!!!! I felt young again!!!"
          Pros - You spent a lot of time doing this and it shows!!!!
          Cons - Zero!!!!
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