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  1. Nerzhul
    "Great Showcase!"
    Pros - Stuff looks well put together
    Cons - Zero
    Saw this on a gamer sight. Great job!
    1. Dino
      "Greekalicios!!!! We'll done!!!"
      Pros - It really does look like the Parthenon. Good use of Greek items.
      Cons - None
      It's all Greek to me. Just we'll done as always.
      1. RedAmazon66
        "Olympus would be proud!"
        Pros - Great sense of decor and use of the space.
        Cons - The only con I see is the smallness of the space, and not being able to travel to the other Isle.
        Even though space is limited, it really packs a punch when it comes to being visually eye catching, and is definitely a amazing space!
        Dino likes this.
        1. K.H
          "Beautiful Pics ! The decor spot on for this place"
          Pros - this photo shoot really shows your talent at decorating love how you engage your readers with the article..
          Cons - None
          very well done!
          Dino likes this.