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Medusa's Temple of Worship

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    • Personal Space Sky Temple of Fratos
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    I wouldn't be showcasing this reward space but there had been a recent discussion concerning who had claim to it; Athena or Medusa. The ambiguity of the private space is immediately obvious. Nestled in the heavens , it is easy to see that Athena would reside there but according to Greek mythology the Gods abode was Mount Olympus. The beautiful golden doors to the private space could have been Athena's shield with Medusa's head embrossed upon its surface. It could be believed ... if we disregard the facts.

    In creating this space I saw something else. Medusa's Temple. She wasn't a Goddess but some proclaim her as a demi-god and I thought I would explore the idea of obscure temple worshipers who would pray to anyone to ease their misery. During ancient times these cults would spring up everywhere, providing a haven for those in need. The priests and priestesses would sometimes live at these temples and spend their time praying and building up a following therefore; securing their position of power with the attending worshipers.

    My Medusa's Temple to the left has a small private space for the attending priestess. I also included a small eating and relaxing area. Most of the time the food was brought to the priests or priestessess so little cooking was actually done by them. Frequently at certain angles it reminded me of the Parthenon in Athens Greece so I placed Grecian statues to mimic the Karyatis Porch of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis. ToyLogic, Mercia and Sony's Grecian furniture were crucial in creating this space.

    In conclusion ... what do you think? Is it Athena's or Medusa's? I'd love to hear your opinion on it.

    Bye for now...
    Remember: Keep shopping. Keep Home going.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nerzhul
    "Great Showcase!"
    Pros - Stuff looks well put together
    Cons - Zero
    Saw this on a gamer sight. Great job!
    1. Dino
      "Greekalicios!!!! We'll done!!!"
      Pros - It really does look like the Parthenon. Good use of Greek items.
      Cons - None
      It's all Greek to me. Just we'll done as always.
      1. RedAmazon66
        "Olympus would be proud!"
        Pros - Great sense of decor and use of the space.
        Cons - The only con I see is the smallness of the space, and not being able to travel to the other Isle.
        Even though space is limited, it really packs a punch when it comes to being visually eye catching, and is definitely a amazing space!
        Dino likes this.

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        1. RedAmazon66
          It also possibly could be a lost temple dedicated to one of the other two sisters of Medusa, Sthenno or Euryale. Regardless of who this pays homage to.. though the space is small compared to others on home, it is very beautiful. You have definitely have done the gods of Olympus proud in the choice of decor! Great job Hope!
            K.H likes this.
        2. K.H
          Looks like Medusa came in and took over Athena's Temple in an epic battle maybe she had help from Hades?