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  1. Today I go an ugly deck chair from the dream yatch, an ugly table and a fossil (southern island), that I can't see the definition of too well.

    The ugly deck chair from the dreM yat h, and well, I love my Prarie home spaces from Lockwood, but at the yatchs and at their dream spaces we part company...

    Ewww, I mean... they could give us ugly deck clothes, or like ugly running shorts and "plimsoles"ewww 60's style yuck! hehe, it could be fun though :embarrassed :

    such rank style, but worse than that... who wants ayatch?!?!?!?!? And then, is there any sea wildlife to spot? any sea birds, fish, sharks...

    But we don't even get to swim around the yatch!

    Size is something Lockwood struggle with, the yatch has 3 floors, scant interactivity, too big for just 100 slots, but we are still left wanting to explore, to explore the water around the yatch, the air above the yatch, the lower decks of the yatch... pahhhh, we want psioden, we want 50 thousand leagues unxder the sea... we want to be dressed like Joan of arc, controlling a Commodore 64 sailing the yatch, using a laser beam. To melt an iceberg that may be about to sink our Titanic!

    modern game devs #fail.


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