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  1. Sometimes in games, especially racing games we get told we're going the wrong way.

    In the case of Fallout 3, we'd have an insurmountable pile of rubble blocking our way, herding us the way the game devs wanted us to go :(

    certain Home devs will put in invisible walls..... again, :(

    In a genre, where the only limit in creation is imagination it is incredulous to block so much off, and the modern "run and gun" fps's are the biggest culprits, they imaginations is dead.

    In the 2d platformer Turrican we go down into caves, down a waterfall into secret caves, we go up through the sky jumping on floating pieces of rock, we get blown left by the wind, blown upwards by the wind, we move through the water.

    Modern 3d games are infuriatingly pedestrian.

    Tha t is all an aside, what I wanted to say was... oh yeah, I did something really... well, I have, it has crossed my mind before, subconciously, like the Ghostbusters crossing the streams...

    ESA, the European Space Agency, post articles and at times they post 3d pictures, most any I've seen are of the Martian landscape, to view these pictures you need the old fashioned 3d glasses, the ones that have one red lens and one blue lens (I know other colours have been used, let me know your experience with different colours). So the picture looks great to me, but not to my friend... who wears glasses, but the real reason is difficult to say, everyone's eyes are slightly different and the eye is such a delicate instrument.

    But what would happen if I reversed the glasses! if I wore the glasses back to front...

    I did, the result? Well craters look like they are coming out of the screen, like a mountain! This was a bit odd/funny and my friend who could not see the inny crater, could see the outy crater!

    So now the fever bites... I knit and to knit you hae to "cast on", you can cast on from the starting end andyou can add stitches from the starting end.... but could I cast on from the finishing end? to add more stitches? Well... I managed it... butit don't look pretty!!!! hahahaha


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