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  1. Who can say? Well a big mouth lass like me! hehe

    It seems to me that Home is oft miss marketed and missused.

    Home is very suited to kitsch material. Home can be somewhat static, an unusual position for something on a games console, traditionally gaming is about doing, from Space invaders, to platformers to fps's, all involve continual tasking.

    Nb. Playstation Home now has tasking, which has added some impetous.

    But I like the idea of L.A. Noir, where they recreated the city of L.A as it would have been, what an opprtunity that could be to free roam a city like that! but why stop there?

    With Playstation Home we are tangibly close to the holosuites seen in Star trek.

    We can recreate things virtually, and walk around,...

    We really need to badger Sony &/or 3rd party devs, we can make a list of what spaces we'd like, we can seperate our ideas into "imaginary made up spaces" & then spaces from well known franchaises.

    I do like and I don't mind spaces that may ambiguously avoid copyright issues, such as the Prarie Home space bares some passing resemblence to Red Dead franchaise ( lkwd did a better job imo), andwhat about 50's din er, somewhat American Graffiti reminiscent, there is great opportunity there for devs and it makes a popular space, because it uses tried and tested recreations.

    I would like imaginary spaces;

    Volcano, lighthouse,

    Based on real locations;

    Antarctic base, ISS (International Space Station),

    a Mars base, here if we teamed up with Chris Lintot's Zooniverse, we havesuch a great opportunity to recreate the Martian landscape, andit is embarrassing that we are not doing this.

    How about a Moon base, again, we can use maps made by Sir Patrick Moore, which were used by Nasa when landing on the Moon.

    Based on well known franchaises;

    Back to the future; The black hole, Star wars,

    Twelve Monkeys,

    Political machinations take place I guess, on both sides which would be important for Sony & devs to note;

    Star trek is afranchaise I am sold upon, However, is known by me as Startrek.spam, Star trek TNG is an offensive tv show (I havewatched all Star treks btw, all episodes of all Star treks), Star trek Voyager is mildly more interesting, more imaginative, but it is doubly offensive and contrived..

    So pick your franchaise, but be aware of political aspects.

    The film "The lovely bones" was very prettily shot.

    And what about The wizard of Oz, a striking piece of work to this day, pah, modern filming is pap.

    Playstation Home can bring back fashion from yesteryear, people love raiding charity shops for 70's style etc, Playstation Home has an amazing potential for bringing style trends that were popular, for us to enjoy.



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