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The Guardians of Ajagara's Peak

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  1. formulaHT017

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    Jun 15, 2014
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    formulaHT017 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    The Guardians of Ajagara's Peak

    We are the Dragon Scouts, Guardians of Ajagara's Peak. Our stronghold is surrounded by towering mountain peaks that are difficult to traverse. The Scouts mission is one of great import; to guard the entrance to Shangri-La.

    To become a member of our Order you must pass many trials both physical and mental. The few of us who have been given the honor of protecting Ajagara must also meld with a dragon youngling and thus acquire " Dragon Eyes". Once the dragon and rider have become one, they are forever linked till the time of the Guardian's " Passing". We welcome the "Passing" because on the 30th year of life, our duties as Scouts ends and we are then granted entrance to Shangri-La. It is said that "those that pass through the gate gain immortality and an everlasting peace". As for the dragons, they live on for thousands of years until their demise.

    Here on Ajagara's Plateau we live a humble life. Our spartan way of living defines who we are and what we believe. Up until our 30th year, we are focused on one thing only; protecting the entrance from outsiders.

    Do you think you have the discipline to become one of us? Then come to the Order and possibly you too will be granted the title of "Guardian of Ajagara's Peak ".

    ( date unknown)
    Red Dragon Guardian

    This space was a pleasure to decorate. Its lush and serene beauty just absolutely captivated me. To give the illusion of the entrance to Shangri-La, Toylogic played a crucial role... I love their products. Lockwood again created a space for us to use our imagination and to envision anything we desire. Do you have a story to tell? I'd love to hear from you.
    Hope you enjoy this showcase.

    Bye for now...
    Remember: keep shopping, keep Home alive.

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