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  1. kwoman32

    kwoman32 Head Administrator
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    Nov 29, 2009
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    kwoman32 submitted a new Showcase Item:


    One thing PlayStation Home has no shortage of is swimsuits. We gals like the sexy bikinis and there is a ton of them on Home. However, the "onesies" or the one-piece swimsuits often get overlooked. There may not be as many of them as there are bikinis, but there is a lot and some real nice ones too.

    So..... thanks to a lot of help from Kia, Hope (formulaHT017), Myalana, Michelle (Nunley33), and VickyTheVampire, I shot 33 of Home's one-piece swimsuits. This is by no means meant to be a definitive list. However, it should give you a good idea of what's out there.

    NOTE: The IREM swimsuits are no longer available in the store, but you can purchase them through "Inspect" if you know someone who has them. Some of the developers named their suits "bikinis" but if the bottoms and tops are attached, we used them.

    If there is any interest, we can always do a second shoot if we have volunteers with enough one-piece swimsuits that we did not cover here.

    The photos are all numbered (bottom left corner). Here's the list (from left to right):

    Vicky: Sony - Succubus wrap - Gold
    Karen: Sony - Twist Swimsuit - Purple
    Kia: Gz - sexy chain one piece swimsuit - black and gold

    Vicky: Sony - Twist Swimsuit - Black
    Karen: Sony - Succubus Wrap - Purple
    Kia: LKWD - Yachting Holiday Swimsuit - White

    Kia: LKWD - Drey Asymetric Swimsuit - Butterflies
    Karen: LKWD - Drey Asymetric Swimsuit - Mystique
    Vicky: Gz - Sexy chain one piece swimsuit - Silver

    Vicky: IREM - Swimsuit - Leopard
    Karen: Gz -Sexy Ring-type One-piece Swimsuit - Blue Lame
    Kia: Bilabong - Cheeky Jane Swimsuit - Sandy Toes

    Kia: LKWD - Drey Asymetric Swimsuit - Red Geometric
    Karen: GZ - Sexy One-piece Swimsuit - Black
    Vicky: IREM - Swimsuit - Hibiscus

    Vicky: Sony - Charcoal Bikini Outfit
    Kia: Gz - - Sexy One-piece Swimsuit - White
    Karen: Sony - Monokini Swimsuit - Red Dot

    Myalana: IREM - Swimsuit - Polka Dots
    Karen: IREM - Swimsuit Hibiscus
    Kia: Billabong - White Mike Muller Swimsuit - Black

    Karen: IREM - Swimsuit Hibiscus (Alternate version)
    Hope: Kovok - Bikini Red Pasion
    Michelle: Gz - Succubus Suit - White
    Myalana: Sony - Succubus Wrap Bathing Suit - Red

    Hope: LKWD - Drey Asymetrical Swimsuit - Peacock
    Karen: IREM - Swimsuit - Japanese
    Myalana: Sony - Twist Swimsuit - White

    Hope: Kovok - Bikini Intrique
    Karen: IREM - One-piece Swimsuit Gold Lame
    Myalana:LKWD - Yachting...

    Read more about this showcase item here...

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