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Featured Nebula Realms to be pulled from the PS Store

Discussion in 'Discussions & Information' started by C.Birch, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. C.Birch

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    Mar 21, 2012
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    Hi all,
    Just over a week ago Nebula Realms launched on the NA PS Store, but soon faced countless server side problems and soon crashed and was then taken offline. I few times the Xaloc team had been hopeful they had fixed the problems and put the servers back online only for them to fail almost right away again.

    Due to the problems the game is now being pulled from the PS Store to save more users facing disappointment of downloading a game that does not work and also due to the fact it seems much more work needs to be done on both the server side and game client to fix the problem.

    Personally the planned closed beta testing should not have been skipped in order to "rush" the game out after a number of delays had already taken place. In house testing can never replace live server stress testing, where the servers encounter a wide range of incoming network setups and a much bigger volume of data bursts.

    The full statement from Xaloc can be read below.

    "Hello everyone,

    As you all know, after the release of Nebula Realms we encountered several problems with our servers and game client. This is due to the huge amount of players that were logging into the game.
    The server management system that we build is not ready to deal with so much transfer data and we need to redo a lot of functionalities of the server and also work on the game client. It will be a huge amount of work and we aren't sure about how long will that take us to fix it.

    We are extremely sad about this, we done has much as we possibly could to try to make the system stable so you guys can play, many of you seen the server up for few minutes before it crashed, we tried several things but nothing really worked. The only option that we have right now is to remove the game from the store until the system it's ready to handle all the server traffic.

    We do understand the disappointment this might cause. No one wants to play Nebula Realms as much as we do, we been working on this game very hard and for very long, but it seems that is our baby is not ready for the open world yet.

    On a side note, we are very happy with the Nebula Realms community, most of you have been extremely nice and understanding with dealing with the delays. We would like to thank you for your support and understanding, we will keep working on Nebula Realms until is the game that we all want (and can!) play
    We will keep you informed with the fixing process but we can not specify a new release date, we will take the time that we need to make sure the game is ready for you all to enjoy.

    Xaloc Team"
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    • d7oo

      d7oo New Member

      Jul 19, 2017
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      hello, i just want to say thank you guys so much for this great game i've been waiting for a long time to play this awesome game and please make a map like the playground it's like my best map ever and i know u guys will do better,, thanx for the game again and yea :D <3

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