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"Mirage House" Remastered by SubD Studio for Atom Universe

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tbaby, Apr 10, 2016.

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    Previously, I had an interview with SubD Studio, one of the content creators for Atom Universe which you can read here. As mentioned in that interview, SubD Studio was previously working on remastering their "Mirage House" and a couple of weeks ago they shared images of the result (including a couple which were provided just for J.F.C & The Virtual Community: Day 05 and Night 01) which you can see below:

    Remastered Mirage House - Day 01

    Remastered Mirage House - Day 02

    Remastered Mirage House - Day 03

    Remastered Mirage House - Day 04

    Remastered Mirage House - Day 05

    Remastered Mirage House - Day 06

    Remastered Mirage House - Night 01

    Remastered Mirage House - Night 02

    Remastered Mirage House - Night 03

    Remastered Mirage House - Night 04

    Remastered Mirage House - Night 05

    Remastered Mirage House - Night 06

    Remastered Mirage House - Night 07
    These are concept images for the original "Mirage House" which are close to what it currently looks like in the Alpha version of Atom Universe:

    I got a chance to chat with SubD Studio about their recent work on the "Mirage House", other projects for Atom Universe, and more. This is what they had to say.

    Trisha: When looking at the original "Mirage House", I thought it already looked very nice. Why did you want to remaster it?
    SubD Studio: We are always looking for giving our best to the users. We decided to remaster it as we felt that we could do it much better. So we said, why not? Also, we didn’t just want to remaster the design and landscape, but wanted to improve the player's experience too.

    Trisha: I see a lot of very nice new furniture added both on the inside and by the pool area outside. It looks like the mountains in the background might even have been touched up too. I really like that you have included night time photos as well since there will be day/night cycles in Atom Universe. Can you take a moment to highlight what you think are some of the most noteworthy changes you made to the space as well as what you had to do to support a night cycle?
    SubD Studio: Exactly! We designed an exclusive furniture collection with five free items: sofa, coffee table, floor lamp, dining table, and dining chair. As far as the landscape, we decided to create a more interesting and detailed environment with more of a "Mars" feeiling than a real life desert. We made improvements to the house design to provide a more useful interior for the space that is easier to decorate. Additionally, we implemented visual elements that provide a much more dynamic and "live world" experience. It wasn’t easy, but we added the day/night cycle because we wanted to provide a similar concept of Atom Universe’s “Hub” for Atom Republic. Due to technical and visual issues, this may not be feasible for all the spaces we create for Atom Universe.

    Trisha: I know the private space creation contest back in April, of which you were one of the winners awarded an opportunity to create content for Atom Universe, is over. However, Tanguy has agreed to allow some members of the AU Community to submit more personal space creations to Atom Republic for consideration of being featured in Atom Universe. They are using Unreal Engine 4 with the same requirements/constraints as the aforementioned contest. One of those requirements is that the UE4 projects have less than 250k triangles. To put things into perspective for them, how many triangles is the old and new Mirage House?
    SubD Studio: Keep in mind that the "Mirage House" was not for the private space contest while the “Cave House” was. The old Mirage House has 280k triangles and the new one has 560k triangles (including the furniture). By the way, the number of triangles is not all that affects the performance of the space. There are other factors such as effects, textures, etc.

    Trisha: In past conversations, you said that you two have been working on other spaces too. Are there any more details you can share at this time?
    SubD Studio: We are polishing up the "Cave House". Also, we are working on several things right now, but at the moment this is all that we can share.

    Have you had any time to spend on the Early Access version available on Steam? If so, what are your thoughts on what you see?
    SubD Studio: Yes, we have and had a good time chatting and bowling! This motivated us to keep working hard on our projects! We are so excited on seeing how things are progressing!

    Trisha: Thank you very much for your time and I’m looking forward to finding out about your updated "Cave House"!
    SubD Studio: Thank you for the chat and we’re looking forward to sharing that with you also!

    Trisha, Editor for J.F.C. & The Virtual Community (on Facebook and Twitter)

    The interview above was conducted and written by me exclusively for J.F.C & The Virtual Community. It was originally published on My WordPress Site.
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