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Lockwood's Secrets Bandage Swimsuits

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  1. formulaHT017

    formulaHT017 HDG Member
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    Jun 15, 2014
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    formulaHT017 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Lockwood's Secrets Bandage Swimsuits

    Summer is almost gone but Lockwood has given us these gorgeous swimsuits to don on Home. They give your figure a very curvaceous look that certainly draws attention. Glad to see that Lockwood has given attention to a more full figure swimsuit. I know people were asking for it and Lockwood came through with this great line. They come in six colors, four in the store and two in the Gift Machine. If you haven't bought them yet, I highly recommend them, but buy them quickly before the summer is gone.

    I would like to thank my cousin Maria ( nicegirl333) and awesome friend Mia ( RedAmazon66 ) for all their support and patience. As always all outfits were 100% Lockwood and all the photos were shot in Lockwood spaces.

    Hope you like this showcase, and would love to hear some feedback from you.

    Bye for now...

    Remember: Keep shopping. Keep Home going.

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