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Local Ps3 Vs Remote Home Saves, Benefits & Disadvantages

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by C.Birch, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. drake21734

    drake21734 Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator

    Feb 5, 2011
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    Sony has customer service? Since when? :rolleyes:
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    • Mika40

      Mika40 Active Member

      Mar 14, 2011
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      All I can say is OMG help us sony don't let us lose our homes and settings there are some unique things I and others have done over the years in home I believe we will all become noobs again due to the mess that has happen will we be reimbursted idk but if I have to decorate each time I go home that might keep me out:(
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      • Coopertroopa

        Coopertroopa Master of the Universe

        Jan 28, 2011
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        Personally, I'm not worried. I'm going to wait to see what comes out with the release notes and such before I go flying off the handle.

        Do I like the idea of Sony taking away the backups and storing them? Eh, not really. In the end if it speeds up service and they perhaps give us save spots for our personal spaces.. I'm not against it.

        The only thing I wish they would do is knock off all the cloak and dagger crap and take the time to inform us to what is really going on. Their little brand of secrecy is far from being secret and only causes confusion along with people getting pissed off from endless speculation.
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        • mikelep9054

          May 17, 2012
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          From a logical perspective, it should be a good thing, and increase potential and options, and be more secure and efficient.

          Given its happening on Home, in a core update... There is a significant chance some will lose some saves. Not everyone deletes home to have only the newest version, and not a pile of updates who knows how far back. There is the slight chance it will empty all spaces, and saved outfits, on purpose. They want to stop merges and glitched spaces, that would be the sledgehammer nut cracker to do it. This may well also detect ise, and other hacks, and brick a few ps3's. It may delay the consequences, and now be capable of scanning for non legit data. Hacks and corrupt manipulation cheats being dealt with 4 years in is odd timing, but welcomed.

          I suspect the reason The NA home team doesnt give more info, is because they dont know it. They got the announcement to hand out at the same time it was posted on the UK blog, for someone else to bring and post on their own forum. This is an involved thing being done, basic info of specifics have no reason to be top secret or clandestine. Time consuming steps to do certain things so people are using the legitimate data options they like best, many will not know to do before its too late.

          There were a lot of people who bought multiple ps3's to play home. Hopefully the benefits of the changes make up for all the options they lose with it. Good luck, buckle up, KIO IEBFY FP J_L
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