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The Search for Rare and Removed Clothing Items

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  • Wardrobe Items used

      The player inspect was a brilliant idea. I don't know who thought of it, but it has sure come in handy with unreleased and removed items. Plus as we have all discovered, it's a lot faster than verifying purchases.

      I first met Myalana in Aurora, she was surrounded by so many people and I wondered why, so I walked over and realised she was being inspected. It was a frenzy that day and others were helping her out to show unreleased clothing items. I was good to go. For the next six hours I shopped till she was too tired to show anymore. Needless to say we became friends and she's so nice, funny and truly patient. Whenever she would aquire a new item she would contact me right away and always saying " Hope, all that I ask is that you share all that you have bought." That was her criteria for showing rare items, that they be shown to others. I had no problem with that at all, I have always let others inspect what I had on. I never understood others that hoard their items, it never made any sense to me. I always said to whomever was buying off of me " Thanks for shopping at Hope's Boutique." I knew that it was another source of revenue for Home and Home certainly needed all the help it could get.

      Due to the enormity of the rare and unrealeased clothing, I will add updates and pictures of the items. The names of the items will slowly be incorporated also because there is so much information to be put into each item. So updates will be a must. I would like to thank my good friends that helped in making this showcase. Myalana, May2099, RedAmazon66, sarahpeach, Silver_Blade_39 and to Keith who had rare male clothing.

      In referencing the pictures they will be according to the order that they have been placed in the image gallery. As for the clothing items they will be noted from left to right. There will be an Inspect Party in the near future, I'll keep everyone posted about day and time. I hope you enjoy this evolving showcase.​

      Remember: Keep shopping. Keep Home alive.​

      Bye for now...​

      1) Mya - Kaleidoscope Hair, Magic Fairy Wand, Rainbow Dress ( all animated )
      Hope - Sparkling Gold Hair , Sparkling Gold Dress ( animated )
      May - Sequin Dress ( animated )

      2) Hope - Layered Bob - Hairstyle, Pink Pearl Earrings, Strapped Halter Top in Pink and Red, Shocking Stockings -purple and Pink.
      Mya - Long Wavy Hairstyle, Blue Pearl Earrings, Strapped Halter Top - Blue, Ripped Jean Skirt - Midnight Blue.

      3) Hope -Summer Solstice Top - Orange, Chicago MiniSkirt- Blue.
      May - Cropped Short Sleeve Jacket - Tan

      4) Hope - Yellow Haltertop with Pink Star Tatoo ( front and back animated )
      May - Black Haltertop with Butterflies Tatoo ( front and back animated )
      Mya - Purple Haltertop with Red Stars Tatoo ( front and back animated )

      5) The back of the animated haltertops.

      6) Mya - Metal Chick - Black and Pink.
      Mia - Metal Chick - Brown and Yellow.
      Hope - Metal Chick - Black and Red.
      May - White and Gold.

      7) Metal Chicks Having Fun

      8) Hope - Wedding Dress ( animated )

      9) Hope - One Shoulder Cocktail Dress - Yellow
      Sarah - One Shoulder Cocktail Dress - Green

      10) Hope - Emo Girl Hair - Blonde Tight Fitting Blazer in Black
      May - Tight Fitting Blazer in Black
      Mia - Tight Fitting Blazer in Red

      11) Hope - Night Valkyrie Halo and Mask, Night Valkyrie Armour, MiniShort and Knee High Boots - Purple

      12) Keith - Irem - Yellow and Black Shorts
      Hope - Monokini Swimsuits - Gold Star

      13) Hope - Straight A-Line with Bangs Hairstyle, Rockstar Light Dress

      14) Hope - Lace Trenchcoat -Tomb
      Mia - Lace Trenchcoat - Mausoleum

      15) Hope - Forest Queen Tiara, Blooming Corset- Red ( both animated )

      16) Mia - Stripy Beanie - Lucy, Bangle Blouse- Black, Kyomi Hot Pants - Black Skull
      Hope - Stripy Beanie - Strapped Haltertop in Green, Kyomi Hot Pants - Green Spot
      May - Stripy Beanie - Sally, Ripped Black Top, Kyomi Hot Pants - Blue Stripe

      17) Hope - Operator Dress - Evening
      Sarah - Operator Dress - Noon

      18) Hope - Tidal Wave Top, Skirt, Bracelets

      19) Hope - Sylvan Dress - Cerulean
      May - Racerfront Blouse
      Mia - Sylvan Dress - Amaranth

      20) Mya - Animated Cheongsam - Red
      Hope - Off-Shoulder Kimono

      21) Hope - Anthousai Dress ( animated )

      22) SilverBlade - Irem Cowboy Outfit Bottom ( Red M )
      Hope - Irem Cowboy Outfit Bottom ( Black M )
      Keith - Irem Cowboy Outfit Bottom ( White M )

      23) SiverBlade - Irem Leather Pants ( Red/Men )
      Keith - Irem Leather Pants ( Black/Men ) Irem Gloves ( Black/Men )

      24) Keith - Irem Brigade Top and Bottom ( Replica M ) , Irem Gloves ( Red/Men )
      Hope - Irem Brigade Top and Bottom ( Replica F ) , Beanie Gloves

      25) Back and side view of male and female Irem Brigade Outfits

      26) Mya - Irem Yukata Top and Bottom ( Shishimai - F )
      Hope - Irem Yukata Top and Bottom ( Ukiyo-e - F )

      27) Hope - Succubus Wrap Bathing Suit - Platinum
      Keith - Irem Surfing Shorts - Tiger M

      28) May - Butterfly Halter Top - Pink ( animated ), Irem Yakata Bottom - Pink
      Hope - butterfly Halter Top - Purple ( animated ), Irem Yakata Bottom - Blue, F
      29) Hope- Floral Tube Top Dress - Chrysanthemum
      May - Floral Tube Top Dress - Dalia
      Mya - Floral Tube Top Dress - Red Snowflake

      30) Hope - Sparkling Queen's Corset and Sparkling Tiara

      31) Hope - Emo Girl Hair - White, Designer Raincoat - Blue
      May - Designer Raincoat - Yellow

      32 ) Hope - Vivacious Mini Dress - Orange
      May - Vivacious Mini Dress - Blue
      Mya - Vivacious Mini Dress - Pink
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    Recent User Reviews

    1. Nerzhul
      "Pretty cool!!"
      Pros - Lots of different clothes and spaces.
      Cons - none
      Awesome idea for a showcase!
      1. Dino
        "Blew me away!!! Wow!"
        Pros - Thanks for including the guys! Everyone seems to forget about us.
        Cons - none
        Nice to see a fashion article with both genders!
        1. RedAmazon66
          "Great rare inspectable fashion showcase!"
          Pros - More than I can count. Rare inspectable only items are definitely a plus for anyone's avatar. There are many many hidden fashion treasures out there that are just waiting to be discovered.
          Cons - None
          I wasn't really familiar with the inspect aspect of buying home fashions, and am very new to it. However after having been a part of Hope's project , it really opened my eyes to ho much I really have been missing out there. Thanks Hope for turning your focus to rare inspectables and putting the spotlight on this growing trend of inspectable parties
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          User Comments

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          1. formulaHT017
            I would like to thank everyone for their support in this endeavor. See you on Monday 9pm EST at my club NITRO BOOST. There's still a few slots left so you better hurry! Bye for now.
          2. formulaHT017
            Hi everyone! The Inspect Party will be on Monday September 1 ( Labor Day ) at 9:00 pm EST. All you have to do is, Join my club house NITRO BOOST. Hope to see you there and get ready to spend!!! Bye for now...
          3. x-x_KIA_x-x
            Wow. great stuff as usual Hope. :)
            1. formulaHT017
              Thank you Kia for acknowledging me. Your too kind.
              formulaHT017, Aug 23, 2014
          4. May2099
            Hope, Very nice job gathering this information and imagery for all to enjoy. I had fun helping make looks and participating in photo shoots when able. This project has been great because I have several new looks utilizing unique content purchased at various Player Inspect parties. I suggest everyone show your support for this content by coming out to buy your "rare" gear not found in stores. U-_-U
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            1. formulaHT017
              Thanks May. Important now to keep shopping.
              formulaHT017, Aug 23, 2014
            2. Dino
              Hope there's clothing for guys too.
              Dino, Aug 23, 2014
          5. formulaHT017
            I expect that next week I'll organize an Inspect Party. Hope to see you there. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
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            1. Dino
              Thank God that there's still Hope out there, lol
              Dino, Aug 23, 2014