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The Pink Paradise Party Bus

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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space Pink Paradise Tour Bus from JAM Games
    • Total 100
    • Hair 7
    • Hair 5
    • Hair 2
    JAM Games has given us three tour buses as personal spaces. The last one was the Pink Paradise Tour Bus. I had already decorated the Country Chic version for our Summer Bash, so I took that idea and ran with it for the pink version. Turns out the bus is a cool party space! It's just the right size for the 100 slot furniture limit too. Have a look at the pics and tell me what you think.

    Here's the list of items used :

    Pink Paradise - Vehicle Seat (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise - Settee (corner piece) (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise - Settee (straight piece) (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise Stool (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise Kitchen - Oven Housing (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise Kitchen - Hob Unit (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise Kitchen - Corner Unit (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise Kitchen - Sink Unit (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise Kitchen - Standard Unit (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise - Acoustic Guitar Wall Hanging (JAM Games)
    Pink Paradise - Electric Guitar Wall Hanging (JAM Games)
    Gold and Platinum Disc Wall Hanging (JAM Games)
    Log Cabin Coffee Table (Sony)
    Popcorn Bag (LOOT)
    Record Mat (Sony)
    Square Wooden Dining Table (Black) (Granzella)
    Flat panel TV (O-Two)
    Harem Pillows - Mystic (Active Object) (Lockwood) (5 used)
    Sparkling Party Drink (Lockwood)
    Guitar Hero 5 guitar
    AAA - The Wanted - Acoustic Guitar - Sunburst (AAA)
    AAA - White Lies - Chrome Guitar (AAA)
    AAA - Florence + the Machine - Multi Platinum Plaque (AAA)
    AAA - White Lies - Ritual Gold Presentation Disc (AAA)
    Def Jam Keyboard Rack (Konami)
    Def Jam Drum Machine (Konami)
    Stage 2 Coffee Table (LOOT)
    Hot Coffee (Granzella)
    Elegant Table with Chairs (Game Mechanics)
    Notebook Computer (O-Two)
    Oval Wooden Coffee Table (white) (Granzella)
    Ghostbusters Coffee Maker (LOOT)
    Ghostbusters Pizza (LOOT)
    Ice Bucket and Drinks (Lockwood)
    Modern Lines Toilet Paper and Brush Holder - Chrome (Lockwood)
    Modern Lines Heated Towel Rail - Chrome (Lockwood)
    Modern Lines Bath Mat - Woodland (Lockwood)
    Shower Gel, Soap and Deodorant - Woodland (Lockwood)
    Giant Guitar (Sony)
    American Flag (Corrected version) (Lockwood)
    Helium Balloons - Gold and White (Lockwood)
    Helium Balloons - Multi-color (Lockwood)
    Red Nebula - Animated Super Trance Up Lights (Lockwood)
    Blue Smoke - Animated Trance Light with Stand (Lockwood)
    Animated Star Floor (Lockwood)
    Animated Heart Floor (Lockwood)
    Party Machine 2013 (Music) (Juggernaut Games)
    Tropical Bar ( Sony)
    Popcorn Tub (LOOT)
    Amaterasu Cote d'Azur Cocktail (LOOT)
    Decanter and Tumblers (Lockwood)
    Amaterasu Strawberry Coup (LOOT)
    Stage 2 Sparkling Cider (LOOT)
    Mocktails (Lockwood)
    Amaterasu Passion Fruit Highball (LOOT)

    100 Slots used

    7 active items used

    All pictures taken with the Juggernaut Observer Cam

    Butterflies courtesy of JAM Games
  • Observer Screenshot 3_11 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_12 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_12 AM 7_13_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_12 AM 7_13_2014_2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_13 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_13 AM 7_13_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_13 AM 7_13_2014_2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_14 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_14 AM 7_13_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_14 AM 7_13_2014_2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_15 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_15 AM 7_13_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_15 AM 7_13_2014_2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_15 AM 7_13_2014_3.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_37 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_37 AM 7_13_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_37 AM 7_13_2014_2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_40 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_41 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 3_43 AM 7_13_2014.jpg
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  1. Boxer.Lady
    Pros - EVERYTHING!
    Cons - Nothing!
    This has been decorated better than any that I've seen so far. It's relaxing and a great theme! I would live on this bus in a heartbeat! LOL

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