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The Office

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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space GZ Burger
    • Total 100
    • Hair 2
    • Hair 1
    • Hair 0
    Our resident Dressing Room moderator, Heavyn (Elmo) wanted to do a shoot on business attire in Home. I volunteered to do the set. My first choice was to use a floor of City by the Bay. I had it done down to the last 3 items and it gave me an error message every time I tried to move or delete any item(s). I wound up having to delete the entire layout. So, I chose another space. GZ Burger 2nd floor. Turned out that was a better choice anyway.

    So here it is. Check out Heavyn's business attire fashion shoot in The Dressing Room - CLICK HERE!

    Items used :

    Commercial Microwave Oven - Granzella
    Office Phone - LOOT
    Elegant Table with Chairs - Game Mechanics
    Zinc Planter with botanical - tall - Mass Media Games
    Decorative Plant, Butterfly Palm (reward) - Granzella
    Cubicle Wall - Large Corner - LOOT
    Cubicle Wall - Shelf - LOOT
    Office Printer - LOOT
    Ghostbusters Filing Cabinet - LOOT
    Red Stapler - LOOT
    Black Office Chair (reward) - O-Two
    Computer - LOOT
    Hot Coffee - Granzella
    A Shakespearean Thing - Sony
    Waste Paper Basket - LOOT
    Abstract Sculpture Number Three - Sony
    Water Cooler - LOOT
    Ghostbbusters Books - LOOT
    Potted Chinese Evergreens - Juggernaut Games
    Small Leaf Plant - Sony
    Tropical Teak Bowl with Fruit - Sony
    LOOT Night - Cityscape A - LOOT
    LOOT Night - Cityscape B - LOOT
    LOOT Night - Cityscape C - LOOT
    Sideboard with Glass Door (Black) - Granzella
    Reception Desk - Black - LOOT
    Watendlath - Dining Room Table - JAM Games
    Ghostbusters Coffee Maker - LOOT
    Cubicle Desk - LOOT
    Vase of Tulips - Lockwood
    Red Office Chair (reward) - O-Two
    Globe Ornament - Ubisoft
    Vase with White Jasmine - (reward) - Veemee
    Modular Kitchen - Refrigerator - Veemee
    Wooden Chair with Armrest, 1-seat (Black) - Granzella
    Wooden Chair with Armrest, 1-seat (Brown) - Granzella
    Classic Clock - Game Mechanics
    Office Photo Frame - LOOT
    Potted Tropical Plant Green - LOOT
    Potted Tropical Plant Brown - LOOT
    50s Diner - Cola Cup - Veemee
    Office Chair - LOOT
    Kitchen Counter, U-Shape (Black Countertop) - Granzella
    French Abstract Sculpture (reward) - Sony
    Mini-Fridge - LOOT
    Photo Copier - LOOT
    Tycoon Desk - Sony

    Photos using Juggernaut "Observer" Cam - Juggernaut Games
  • Observer Screenshot 1_00 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_01 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_02 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_03 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_03 AM 6_14_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_03 AM 6_14_2014_2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_04 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_04 AM 6_14_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_05 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_05 AM 6_14_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_05 AM 6_14_2014_2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_06 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_06 AM 6_14_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_07 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_08 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_08 AM 6_14_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_09 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_09 AM 6_14_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_10 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_10 AM 6_14_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_11 AM 6_14_2014.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_11 AM 6_14_2014_1.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_11 AM 6_14_2014_2.jpg
    Observer Screenshot 1_12 AM 6_14_2014.jpg

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  1. Heavyn
    "Lovely showcase of the office set up."

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