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The Napoleon Bonaparte Dressing Room

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    • Personal Space The Dressing Room
    • Total 95
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    • Hair 10
    • Hair 7
    When I first entered this space, I was awed by its beauty. I couldn't believe Kovok was giving it away for free. Only one name popped into my head: Napoleon! It was due to him that the Empire style came to fruition. I utilized the Kovok Empire furniture bundle which was perfect for the space. The artwork is by Jacques-Louis David an artist who was popular at the time.
    I have always been facinated by Napoleon (1769-1821) a Corsican who rose in military rank to finally become Emperor of France. Few people know that his ancestry was actually Tuscan. He seized power in France in a 1799 coup d'etat and installed himself as emperor of the French people.

    Josephine de Beauharnais (1763-1814) was born in the Martinique from a noble Creole family.When the two married she was six years older than Napoleon and a widow. He was totally enamoured with her and wrote many love letters to her that still exist to this day. Josephine would soon become lonely and had an affair. Upon hearing the news of her infidelity, his love for her changed entirely. This gave him leeway to have affairs of his own, and he had many.

    After a few years, Napoleon asked for a divorce from Josephine because he wanted an heir which she wasn't able to provide. She agreed for the good of France to grant the divorce and he remarried and finally had his heir. The Bonaparte couple kept in touch over the years and his love for Josephine never waned. On his death bed at St. Helena, his last words were : " France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Josephine.

    Enough of history. I mention these two historical individuals for a reason, they tie in so well with this gorgeous space that Kovok has created for our enjoyment. The furniture bundle from them has the Empire style furniture and pieces that also have a modern twist. In essence, you will be able to utilize the furniture in many different spaces.

    The implementation of the Kovok furniture, some Neoclassical pieces, the David artwork, the Rococo furniture, Napoleone's Coat of Arms and the dressing room apartment pulls in all the elements needed to create an illusion of an era that is now long gone. Or is it? Perhaps not. Maybe just maybe ... the Bonapartes will enter the room. Napoleon at his desk strategizing on his next campaign and Josephine combing her hair at her vanity table.

    I want to dedicated this space to my fellow HDG members who are all incredile people, love you all!!!
    I hope you enjoy it.
    Remember: Keep shopping, keep Home going.
    Bye for now...
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nerzhul
    "Whoa!!! This was really cool!!!"
    Pros - Learned a little about Napoleon along with the furniture.
    Cons - none
    Thanks for the history lesson! Great job!
    1. RedAmazon66
      "There is definitely elegance in this reward space"
      Pros - I love what the space has to offer...sheer elegance and for free no less! As far as the decor, Hope definitely chose the right historical figure , as well as time period, to really enhance the beauty of this space.
      Cons - Other than being confined to the interior, and not being able to go out and enjoy at least apart of the beautiful gardens, I don't see a con here.
      For a small place it is definitely eye catching, and the choice of decor and historical theme makes this a truly dazzling space. Excellent Job Hope!
      1. K.H
        "Simply amazing!"
        Pros - Love that you transformed this space into a work of art and History well done
        Cons - None

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        1. formulaHT017
          The Kovok furniture and clothes are back. Still waiting for my Toylogic items.
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        2. formulaHT017
          Luckily I posted this showcase because all but 3 furniture pieces are now missing from my inventory. Actually alot of stuff is missing from different developers. Sony says they're on it.
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