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The Mini-skirts of dreams

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair (LKWD) Sodium Oleander hairstyle sans the streak - GM / (LKWD) the starlet hairstyle - .99
    • Hands (THREADS) Goth ringlet - .49 / (LKWD) Oriental coin purse in gold - .99
    • Torso (MIDWAY) Midway 2 Swingers reward item #5 - Reward item / (LKWD) Jewel of the skies Jewel Thief Jerkin Saffron top - .99
    • Legs (LKWD) Camo Mini-skirt - GM / (LKWD) Nebula Mini-Skirt - GM
    • Feet (BigYama) Morocco boots - .99 / (LKWD) Figment metallic ankle-strap heels in gold - .99
    Although this is a fairly old item I wanted to shed some lights on how awesome it still is and hopefully get those that weren’t lucky to get into the set when it started can or would like to purchase at least one now. The items I am talking about are the LKWD Mini-skirts that come in a variety of colors and prints, what is great about this set of mini-skirts is that they simplistic in design and yet the color or pattern that is attached looks great in just about any versatile look. Going from Edgy to classy in just a turn of tops and heels is the goal that LKWD wanted to go with these skirts and they successfully accomplished that by making them, The Cover art features a model I used for the last shoot PrometheusUFO, thanks to him for helping me in accomplishing this awesome piece and now to get to the good part of this article, the item appreciation.

    First of the skirt collection that I want to talk about is the lovely black mini skirt I know we have so many beautiful black mini-skirts and I can’t really claim this as my favorite, but I can admit that this simplistically styled and lovely skirt is a great addition, if you are interested in finding a basic black mini-skirt that doesn’t break the bank, I styled it in the film Noir style outfit featuring the red trench coat from sony, the Drey grey stole hand item(this is one of those rare pieces that I see used I wish more fashionistas would use it because it’s great for noir and silver screen sets), the diamond and pearl earrings from LKWD gift machine and the black broad brimmed hat from Q-two, features a lovely tied to the back ribbon wrapped around the hat. I loved this film noir styled outfit because it’s such a hard look to do accurately especially on home. Also coming into play are the lovely dark sorceress heels from Costumes.

    The next skirt set is the Brown mini-skirt, I wasn’t even trying to get the look for this just somehow happened, I pieced this skirt with the new Leopard print tie front hoodie from VeeMee, the tan Drey strappy heels, the….I still hate this name “ghetto ghost” door knocker earrings and my latest experimental hairstyle the short and spikey cut. This look was actually the first of the creations in this set and inspired this article, I found the top and skirt to just be a perfect match and I just had to write about this look and how it’s earthy tones and street style were a perfect match, this was one of my favorite looks in the set because of the recent find in this hoodie top and the fact that it’s just all around lovely.

    The next set in this collection is the, my favorite skirt from this collection because of my deep desire to have at least one camo printed outfit item, the camo skirt. I had two different looks for this but decided to go with this version because it just was a natural fit, I paired the skirt with the Midway 2 swinger’s reward item #5 the vest over plain white-t shirt, the LKWD oleander hairstyle w/ white stripe and the BigYama Morocco boots. The Camo styled skirt was something I’ve been commenting on wanting since last year and now I have not only one but two really awesome camo skirts which has placed me on a cloud that’s probably levels above 9 at this point. I wanted a look that mixed the cleanliness of the military look, but wanted to also have it look fashionable at the same time.

    The next item in the collection is the floral print mini-skirt, I found this piece adorable because it helped in showing me that floral can look really nice and not over the top/cluttered when done in this style. I originally wasn’t that big a fan of floral prints at all because they to me always looked hideous in the styles I’ve seen them in, so it was nice to be surprised and actually pleased to see a floral print skirt that completely changed my mind and thoughts on floral. The skirt I paired w/ the Wrangler Eve blazer, LKWD femme Fatale Drey hairstyle, the Madam Flutterby (black and white) heeled shoes from the Jam games Painted bare collection, and the Drey Leather Satchel in charcoal. This felt more like a professional setting look but with a bit of fun and flair going outside of wearing basic colors using the floral print skirt and the matte lipstick to give it more of a personality and some fun in the usually drab professional setting that is work or even the occasional college campus.

    The next skirt set is the Jade mini-skirt, this is a green set so it’s of course on my list of favorites for that reason alone and although I didn’t use this one as actively as I used the floral and camo print I did find this to be a cute understated and more than likely underrated skirt in this entire collection, I wanted to give it another semi-professional look that was fun and great for not just any one area, it can definitely read as an out and about grocery shopping style, something simplistic enough to throw together and still not look like a slob while doing that. The outfit featured is the Ameerah’s Crescent Pendant – Mystic from LKWD’s jewel of the skies collection on top of the Wrangler Sammy shirt and Eve cap sleeve T-shirt with the LKWD peeptoe heels in Quakers (these were the New Year’s Eve heels for those who don’t know) and the Gz high bun hairstyle.

    The next skirt in the collection is the Nebula skirt that is in the gift machine, I loved the idea of this and a previous dress created by them (the galaxy dress featured in the prints version of my lkwd body-con article) I didn’t want to go with a cheesy galaxy themed outfit like the retronaut top even though that could have created a cute look I wanted something that didn’t venture tooo much into being a costume so I went with the LKWD Jewel of the skies Jewel Thief Jerkin Saffron top it features a deep v front w/ this really adorable cape in the back and wrapped sleeves also includes details on the shoulders which creates this almost high fashion look that can probably not have a lot of usage, only if done right can this top be pulled off with pieces that are outside of its official collection, the Contemporary Chinese golden clutch bag, Figment the metallic ankle strap heels in gold and the Starlet Drey hairstyle. This came together to create the perfect sitting on the sidelines of fashion week or date night look, what makes this great is that it incorporates different styles that would appear to clash but done in the way that I did they actually work wonders together as a complete look.

    The next skirt in this article is the Petal skirt, this was one of the older colors in the collection I remember buying this when it first came out years ago and I thought it was an adorable shade, thus giving me a reason to buy it. I figured I wanted to give this the look of a fashionable shop owner or somebody who wants to shop for some new clothing the look features the Namco Bandai Haruka Amami Costume top, the Drey high heels in a nude color(tho’ it’s not nude for my avi’s skin tone) and the Drey starlet hairstyle again. I really enjoyed this look and wanted to give it a nice fitting background so I used the Jam Jar space and probably helped in giving it the shop owner look.

    The next in this collection is the purple mini-skirt, I wanted to give this a more masculine influenced look so I featured the look with the Short Sports Jersey from the winter wonderland event that was the year before last and the camo boots from costumes, I wanted to also incorporate the space into this look so I used the UFC personal space as the backdrop the look screams I want to watch the game and relax or go to a sports bar and still be myself instead of assimilating into the baggy jeans and oversized pieces especially for somebody that doesn’t typically wear that. The look also features the Succubus hairstyle from Gz and the Copper angel wing earrings from LKWD’s Drey collection.

    The next look is the collection is the Red Mini-skirt I wanted to really just go simple with this look and give it a more upscale vibe featuring the Drey Black Blazer with white glitter shirt, the Drey oversized handbag in yellow, the Drey long ponytail hairstyle (sweetheart), and the Jam games Occasions collection white Naveen strap heels, also the golden Female high fashion earrings 1. I wanted this look to be a simple thrown together look that is a mix of street style as well as a bit of a professional setting aspect and mostly I just wanted it to fit into my personal style.

    Finally the last look that I created was with the white mini-skirt from this collection, I wanted to feature this skirt with something a bit dramatic and fun which is how I came up with the look it’s a bit of drama and fun some classic masculine apparel but with a very feminine edge. The look features the new Kovok raven collection jacket, the Dani Not so basic 1.1 laced up heels (high) the Drey pale pink vanity purse and the bridesmaid hairstyle. The appeal of this look was to have a sort of night out with friends look going out to enjoy a dinner theater maybe the look of the designer of a current line enjoying the after party to their latest release look.

    I really enjoyed myself in creating this entire collection of looks because of the versatility of the skirts and the fact that they do not bleed through any piece of fashionable top like some skirts and the allowing of different lengths of tops that can go with it.

    The only complaint that I have for these skirts is probably the fact that there aren’t more colors/patterns in the collection, they are perfection and great for anybody that enjoy showing off an excess of skin. The skirts are a definite pick up for those who have interest in mini-skirts and would like to put some variety in their skirt life. Thanks to those who have read this and hopefully I have helped you in your choice of buying/not buying these skirts. I would like to also thank pro for being a model in the cover art (PrometheusUFO) it was a treat to have him join me in this art I call fashion.
  • Mini-skirt Black.png
    Mini-Skirt Brown.png
    mini-skirt camo.png
    Mini-skirt Floral.png
    Mini-skirt Jade.png
    Mini-skirt Nebula.png
    mini-skirt petal.png
    mini-skirt purple.png
    Mini-skirt Red.png
    mini-skirt White.png
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