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The k-Spot

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Femme Fatale - LKWD -.99
    • Hands Paige glowing bracelet, Nail varnish and ring - Jam .49
    • Torso Paige Vest - Jam .99
    • Legs Paige short shorts - JAM .99
    • Feet Paige booties - Jam .99
    • Jewellery Paige earrings - Jam .49
    The club uniform was provided by a lovely group named Jam Games, and the space was crafted by Digital Leisure. Welcome to the K-spot the hottest, newest bar and grille that is hopefully going to sweep the nation, The K-spot features 4 hard working women who started up the business on their own.

    Enjoy a drink with us as Bartender Pandora mixes lovely drinks and creates the best of the best in town, Look for the girl w/ red hair (She’s the brave soul of the group because she does her own hair and it actually turns out pretty well) and her favorite multicolored striped vest and red short shorts w/ blue belt also noted are her favorite shoes the red ankle length booties w/ black stripe on the side. She has created a drink called the Pandora swing and it’s heaven at a ridiculously low price of 2.49(which again is a still considering all that comes with it.)

    We have a running deal that if you can beat Paige at a game of Darts you can get a free meal and so far we have yet to find a winner that can out score Paige, She’s definitely not hard to miss using her go to side swept femme fatale hairstyle (the hairdresser to the stars LKWD make sure you tell them she sent you, for a nice friend of a customer discount) and the white tank with peacock feathers the go to sign that you are nearby Paige is her cocky over the top demeanor, especially after winning against another patron. She’s also known for her green short shorts with white belt and her favorite ankle length green pleather booties with black stripe on the side. Paige doesn’t just play darts but also creates the menus and helped in designing the theme of the bar and grille.

    Make sure to not miss the best waitresses in town, Pasha and Pricilla are prime waitresses and from what we’ve been told the best thing in the place, well besides the food that is.

    You’ll know you are dealing with pasha based on her Gz high bun hairstyle (The up and coming hairdresser they are thoroughly great I would suggest trying them out if I wasn’t so into my LKWD), pink and white motif, her pink abstract designed tank also noted she has light pink shorts with a white belt and her favorite pink pleather ankle length booties with black stripe on the side. Pasha is best if you want to know what food is best for the day and don’t be surprised if she gives some solid advice on what your order is she can read people well enough to know the perfect order for each patron.

    Last but not least we have Pricilla, if she’s not taking your order you can probably catch her creating all the meals that you are being provided with, she’s a killer cook and makes the best Steak burger you’ll ever have tasted in your life, the way the meat is sooo smooth and moist it just melts in your mouth and the….ugh I’m getting Hungry just thinking about it. You’ll know Pricilla by her curled ponytail hairstyle From Konami styles (the hair dresser on Mall room floor 2) and her zig zag designed tank (purple and orange are the colors make sure to remember that), her short shorts that are purple and with an orange belt and her favorite purple pleather ankle length booties with the black stripe on the side. So stop on by to the K-spot and set yourself up for an adventure in fun, laughs and great food. Be looking forward to seeing you all there. ^__^

    We get this question a lot and for some reason I never get the chance to answer it. Yes we do have winter variation towards these uniforms, for those cold winter weeks/months we change from vest and shorts to jeans and nice comfy sweaters the material is almost too comfortable to let go once spring and summer hit.

    Thanks to Jam for the Jive collection I really enjoyed doing another themed shoot based on the collection and hopefully The other fashionistas enjoy the collection as much as I do.(I loved that it came with two versions of the shorts as well as pants and the tank to sweater alternates was a nice touch to what was a great piece) I can admit that I found the sweaters hard to work with a lot of clothing items(they tend to glitch with skirts and certain high waisted items).

    I do have a suggestion that maybe we could get skirts and maybe thigh highs or knee high boots for a future update to a friend and maybe that would be a nice idea for a certain Dev group to consider if they continue into the Jive collection. I again have no real complaints about the collection besides what was stated and hopefully you all enjoy and play around with the collection as much as I am about to do (I’m already formulating a look in my head to work with the tank version of the peacock top as I’m writing this) I would also like to thank and give acknowledgement to the extras that helped in this article (Pandora is Kwoman32) (Pricilla is Drake21734) and (Pasha is Mrs_Peel) Thanks again Jam and thanks to the readers hopefully you enjoyed the story telling and the review for the Jam Jive collection ^__^.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. JAM Games Ltd
    "Awesome Awesomeness"
    Pros - It's awesome! Love this fun showcase item (fabulous clothing too hehehe)
    Cons - Erm......... I'd say none!
    An awesome review, love the pictures and love the story! :D
    Heavyn likes this.
    1. Skye
      "The k-Spot"
      Pros - Love the new JAM Games Paige Vest top and Boots :D
      Cons - There are a few items that I'm not all that crazy about but, all the bundles from JAM Games Jive! is a must buy
      Elmo did an awesome job as always
      1. SethRis28
        Pros - extensive, on the spot coverage
        Cons - none
        great job as usual :)

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