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~The Dani Rompers collection~

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Head Agent 47 barcode headpiece - exclusive in the agent 47 bundle
    • Hands Pier park Valentine's day candy heart "clutch" - reward item no longer available
    • Feet LKWD Stilletto electric Pink - .49
    • Jewellery Gold thick hoops - .25
    • Outfits Dani presents: Sweet Boho (Apple) Romper - 1.49
    The Dani collection, a recent home fashion craftswoman who previously created the u Love Green Line and active home user herself, has created a lovely set of Halter-neck Rompers(for those that don't know A rompers is a one piece shorts set). These halter-neck short sets come together to create a lovely spring/summer fun set w/ a floral design that features pastel colors such as pink and yellow in the floral printed design, I also noticed and appreciated the craftsmanship in crafting the lace detail as an addition to the design of the rompers, not only does it give the style a more classic and if done right elegant appeal, but the complete style comes together and makes these Rompers a very versatile affair.

    The Romper set comes in varies colors, Like: Candy(a lovely pink shade), Aqua, Black, White, Coral, and my favorite apple(because it's green) and included with the rompers set if you decide to purchase the bundle it comes w/ a lovely jewel encrusted bracelet set w/ matching ring that also should receive some praise just for being created alone and done in such lovely detail, and also an adorable pair of low-heeled laced detailed t-strap sandals these are all in the same color as the romper.

    The line I found was almost too much fun to wear so I almost went overboard w/ throwing it w/ almost anything in my wardrobe, My favorite look featuring two looks that I created featuring the Romper set would have to be the: White Romper w/ pink bow clutch bag from Gz, white express your color oval shades, white and black straw boater hat from drey, white t-strapped pointed heels from Jam games occasion collection to create a fun and flirty date night look. The other favorite look would have to be the apple romper w/ the pink valentine's day heart candy box(that I have taken it upon myself to claim as a purse) golden thick hoop earrings and LKWD stilettos in a matching pink color as the purse to create a very spring ready look. I just love Dani for experimenting w/ something that we so rarely receive when it comes to home fashion and I really hope to see more from this wonderful and and her collection. <3 Elmo
  • part duex.jpg
    Romper - Apple.jpg
    Romper - Black.jpg
    Romper - Candy.jpg
    Romper - Coral.jpg
    Romper - White.jpg
    Romper Presents.jpg
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  1. SethRis28
    Pros - Once again this female Fashion reviewer delivers an amazing showcase item. F.Y.I. I <3 the white and the pink ensembles. :D
    Cons - None IMO
    You continue to raise the bar. I can't wait to see what you do next :D

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