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The chamber apartment

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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space THE CHAMBER APARTMENT
    • Total 90
    • Hair 6
    • Hair 7
    This apartment has always been a challenge for me, for the longest time I had no idea what to put in it
    now from years if collecting items, I think I have got it how I want it...
  • header.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 01-01-2014 17-15-06.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 01-01-2014 17-15-30.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 01-01-2014 17-16-04.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 01-01-2014 17-17-09.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 01-01-2014 17-17-40.jpg
    PlayStation(R)Home Picture 01-01-2014 17-18-22.jpg

Recent User Reviews

  1. SethRis28
    "Perfect Chamber"
    Pros - Excellent use of items and nice flow with the overall arrangement :)
    Cons - none with your decorating....the only con is i joined home months after this space was available -_-
    Excellent job Vicky 8)

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    1. formulaHT017
      Awesome job Vicky!!! It's the only apartment I can never aquire. I have longed for Sony to one day put it in the store but I think that day will never come. As always just gorgeous!
    2. Ali
      Hmszz , I see no Cats??