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The Boudoir - Featuring The Glamour Collection by Dani and Codeglue

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Bar Maid Updo - Digital Leisure, Scheherazade - Lockwood, The Burning Desire - Lockwood
    • Head Fringe medium - Granzella, Forehead Chain - Lockwood
    • Hands Magic Sparkles Bracelet - Codeglue, Ruby Choker and Bracelet- Lockwood Auction, Crystel Choker - Lockwood
    • Feet Heiress Shoes - Lockwood, Foot Jewellery -reward Lockwood Gift Machine, Crystel Encrusted Sandles - Lockwood
    • Jewellery Midnight Feather Drop Earrings - Lockwood, Drop Diamond Earrings - Granzella, Diamond Drop Earrings - reward- Lockwood Gift Machine
    • Outfits Glamour Sets by Codeglue in Pink, Natural and Black
    I was born in Montreal so this showcase comes from the heart. It is obvious that Dani is an extremely talented woman and in partnership with Codeglue the results are outstanding. How outstanding? When I was photographing the lingerie, the U Love Green label was noticeable. I was pleasantly impressed by Codeglue for taking such care in reproducing the Glamour Collection for Home. I would be remiss not to mention that recently Dani got the title " Quebec Young Self-Employed Worker of the Year " at the " 2014 Arista Provincial Contest " organized by the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montreal. So congratulations Dani!!!

    The Glamour Collection line is gorgeous to say the least. The virtual fabric conforms to your avatar like a second skin, caressing every curve. Each piece of the line can also be utilized individually with other existing items in your wardrobe. The Glamour Collection doesn't have to be only a lingerie line. Mix and match it to whichever outfit you want to create.

    I chose bedrooms to showcase the collection and give a sense of intimacy so Assasin's Creed was my first choice. My second was Abbey Hill Cottage and finally Palace of the Seven Winds. All three were exemplary in showcasing The Glamour Collection.
    I hope you enjoy this showcase.

    Remember: Keep shopping, keep Home going.

    Bye for now...
    A la prochaine fois...
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  1. Nerzhul
    "Ummm!!! Ok just a Great job!"
    Pros - Again a lot of pix. Good job!
    Cons - zero
    1. luuk
      "the picture ar greet it look super greet"
      1. Dino
        "6 stars!!!!! Very provocative !!!"
        Pros - Great sense of style!!!
        Cons - Zero!!

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