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Guide Superhero Madhouse

  • Rating
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  • Controls
    Left/Right (d-pad) - move
    Down (d-pad) - crouch
    [] - Punch
    X - Kick
    O - Jump
    To escape from a grab hit punch/kick repeatedly.

    Medal List
    01. "Are You Even Trying?" - Failed on Floor 1.
    02. "So Close, So Far ..." - Failed on Floor 5.
    03. "Bitter Pills" - Score over 10,000.
    04. "Just a Flesh Wound" - Finished floor with less than 10% health.
    05. "Not a Scratch" - Finished floor with 100% health.
    06. "This Seems Familiar..." - Defeat a rabid dog.
    07. "No One Can Hear You Scream" - Read instructions.
    08. "This Wont Hurt..." - Defeat the doctor.
    09. "Splitting Headache" - Defeat the inmate.
    10. "Get Off my Leg!" - Defeat the... what was that thing?
    11. "Electrokidding" - Defeat the guard.
    12. "Spoonful of Sugar" - Score over 25,000.
    13. "Taking my Time" - Complete a level with less than 100 points.
    14. "Mind Blown" - Score over 100,000.
    15. "Sanity Restored" - Complete superhero madhouse.
  • Costing
    This item costs the following to buy in the below regions.


    This item was released in the following regions on the below dates.

    9th May 2012
    14th March 2012
    Not Released
    9th May 2012
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