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Guide Siren Lounge - Ward of Despair

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    {slide=Nurse Outfit Scenario}

    If a Shibito walks out of room number (2) at the start it is the Nurse Scenario.
    1. Set off the emergancy bell by the door of room (1). The Shibito that exited room (2) will now run away via the stairs by the elevetor (4).
    2. Call the elevetor (4) and stand outside room (2) because a Shibito will exit the elevetor & stand by room (5).
    3. Key the key from the elevetor (4) and then run through the Surgery Prep Room (5) and exit via the door by the exit stairs.
    4. Run around to room (8) going passed room (6), a Shibito will break out from room (8) when you get close and will then start to walk up and down the path by room (9).
    5. Get the Nurse Shoes from room (8).
    6. Get the Nurse Uniform from room (9).
    7. Exit into room (10) and get the Nurse cap from the table.
    8. Exit room (10) and go to marker (1) here you will face a Shibite, get close and soon she starts to exit at you RUN FAST to marker (2).
    9. When the path is clear RUN for the EXIT.

    {slide=Doctor Outfit Scenario}

    If room (2) is clear at the start it is the Doctor Scenario.
    1. Open the door to room 3, you see a key on the table. When the Shibito faces the wall & bed sneak in and get the key and back out. Be fast.
    2. Run through the Surgery Prep Room (5) and exit via the door by the exit stairs.
    3. They will be a Shibito in the door way of room (6) sneak passed and set off the alarm at marker (1).
    4. The Shibito will then run and enter the elevator and exit the space.
    5. Head to room (9) and pick up the crowbar.
    6. Goto room (8) and get the keys for room (10).
    7. Call the elevator (7) and get the flare from out the elevator.
    8. Goto room (6) and pick up the two award items and then head for marker (2) and pick up the 3rd award item.
    9. Head to marker (3) and when the Shibito is not looking sneak through room (10) and to marker (4)
    10. Use the flair by the Shibito blocking the exit path and when the path is clear RUN for the EXIT.

    {slide=Miyako Outfit Scenario}

    If room (2) is locked or has a key in it, you are on the Miyako scenario.
    1. Try the door to room (2) if there is a key pick it up and make your way throught the Surgery Prep Room (5) and to the exit. go to step 5 in guide. If room (2) is locked go to steps 2 in the guide.
    2. Open the door to room (3) and be carefull because a Shibito will keep exiting and going back into the room.
    3. When the Shibito exits room (3) run in and grab the fire extinguisher and then exit the room.
    4. Go to the Shibito outside room (5) blocking your exit and use the fire extinguisher to clear the path and then make for the exit.
    5. Make your way to room (6) and pick up the key, two Shibito will then come to the door of the room and then head off to the patrol the halls.
    6. Get the timer from room (9) and then exit into room (10) and get the battery.
    7. Place the timer on the table (marker 1) and then exit the room FAST to marker (2).
    8. Wait for the timer to go off at marker (2), when it does the Shibito blocking your exit will room into room (10).
    9. When the path is clear make a room for the exit.
    *Note some say you need to do this in under two min to get the award but as you can see from the video i was longer but still got the award.


    Red Mist Event
    Every night at 1am BST in the SIREN Game space in PlayStation Home a red mist will drop over the space and the Shibitos will come outside of the Ward.

  • Dates
    This item was released in the following regions on the below dates.

    7th May 2009
    1st April 2010
    11th December 2008
    26th March 2009
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