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Guide Savage Cosmos

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  • Savage Cosmos is a single player arcade game, based on the top-down, run & gun shooters of old. With over 40 rooms to explore, 15 medals to unlock, hi-score boards to dominate and unlockable rewards

    This game currently available in SCEA, SCEE and SCEAsia regions.



    Medal List

    01. "Don't cross the streams" - Exit ship without entering the same room twice.
    02. "Can't touch this" - Exit ship with 3 lives.
    03. "with walls like these, who needs enemies?" - Got electrocuted.
    04. "It's space, no one can hear you scream" - Read instructions.
    05. "The puzzler" - Exit the ship with the minimum number of rooms visited.
    06. "Fat burner" - Kill 20+ Hunterites.
    07. "Cabin fever" - Visit all 3 exit rooms in one game.
    08. "Bullet time" - shoot an enemies fire.
    09. "Day tripper" - Visit every room in one game.
    10. "Speed demon" - Complete 20 rooms under time.
    11. "Spending my quarters" - visit the four arcade rooms.
    12. "01010101" - Beat the developers clear time.
    13. "Come here often?" - Back to the beginning .... or are you.
    14. "The tourist" - Exit ship having finished 20+ rooms.
    15. "The exterminator" - Exit ship having killed 50+ enemies.
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    13th October 2011
    4th August 2011
    Not Released
    10th November 2011
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