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Rooftop Terrace - Yellow Team

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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space Rooftop Terrace Apartment
    • Total 100
    • Hair 2
    [bimg=fleft][/bimg]The Rooftop Terrace apartment is a beautiful space thanks to the scenery, which was what first caught my eye about it. However, it can be difficult to decorate with 100 slots unless you use alot of BIG items that take only a few slots. Again, I wasn't sure what to make of it, but after some suggestions from a friend, I decided to turn it into an upscale restaurant. first off, I have placed a fountain and firepits in the infinity pool to give it a more interesting look. I have 2 seating areas where patrons can wait to be seated, one covered and one outdoor. I have placed a kitchen and food prep area just on the other side of the partician opposite the dining area to which I have added the city lights wall panels and some plants for ambience. I did use an active dining table in the dining area so that guests that may not already have the items, can recieve food items as rewards for dining. Just next to the dining area is the piano bar, with a piano and an active bar so that patrons can actually drink. Last, I added a small intimate lounging area where patrons can enjoy the view of the romantic fireplace which does provide ambience music for this space, accented with plenty of candles to give it an unmistakenly romantic feeling.
  • Rooftop1.jpg
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  1. VickyTheVampire
    "nice work"
    Pros - good use of space and well placed deco
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    1. Mei_Mei_Wu
      where can I make a reservation for 2 ^_^
    2. Boxer.Lady
      Each area has it's own "style," I like it!
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    3. VickyTheVampire
      well you certainly made a winner with this :)
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