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Pretty Little Lockwood Babes

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      Hello Bi***es! I'm back! Did you miss me? Sorry to disappoint you all but it's not over. Well... aren't we busy girls dressed up in your sexy new Bodycon Dresses. Hmmm... and from Lockwood's Secret line. Oh! Speaking of secrets, all you girls have so many, don't you? I mean secrets . Oh! is someone getting married? Now which one of you girls will get married first? I wonder, will any of you even make it to your wedding day? Let's wait and see. How interesting that some of your dresses have slashes already.... what a shame. I would've wanted to help with that. By the way great touch Lockwood! Are you girls shocked? What did you think that I'm not watching all of you going around town and even dancing on tables? I'm always watching... I'm always listening... I'm always recording. Who knows, it might come in handy one day. But don't be scared. Killing you would be so easy and no fun. I want you all to suffer first. Now that'll be entertaining! Enjoy your secrets and your Lockwood Bodycon Dresses; at least while you can.
      Bye Bi***es! I'll try to keep in contact more often, I know you all truly missed me.

      - A

      I'd like to say thanks to my cousin Maria ( nicegirl333 ) and my awesome friend Mia ( RedAmazon66 ) for helping with this showcase. We had so much fun! All items worn are 100 % Lockwood and hope you enjoyed the showcase. Oh by the way in picture 2 Red-Coat is in the background texting the girls. I thought it was a cute touch. I in no way am being compensated for this showcase it was all about being a fan of Pretty Little Liars and Lockwood, it was a pleasure to combine them both for your amusement.

      Remember: Keep shopping. Keep Home alive.
      Bye for now...
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    Recent User Reviews

    1. Nerzhul
      "This was so cool!"
      Pros - Looked like alot of work!
      Cons - none
      Also saw this at a gamer site. My sister loves this show. Great idea.
      1. RedAmazon66
        "Definitely loved being a Lockwood Babe!"
        Pros - Everything! From the amazing Lockwood dresses and spaces we modeled in, to working with Hope and Maria on this shoot, it was so much fun!
        Cons - Cons...what?!? There is none! With awesome clothes and friends like this to share it with, there is no down side! Also, when you toss in a parody of Pretty Little Liars on top of all that, there are only add pluses!
        I do love these dresses! They are just another bonus to the already massive amount of great fashion Lockwood has produced.
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        1. kwoman32
          "Great pics!"
          Pros - Very nice photos
          Cons - None
          Need more people to post quality shoots like this! Nice work!
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          User Comments

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          1. May2099
            I just checked out the pix. Nicely done ladies!

            Great work showcasing the dresses, but I think Lockwood has done better in the past. None of these dresses are my cup of tea. These new looks feel like after thoughts of the previous releases. Just my personal opinion. Maybe appealing to a new users that haven't seen the past Bodicon dresses? Kudos to Lockwood for always providing a vast variety of colors even if the overall idea remains the same. I saw the back zipper treatment on a "real life" ladies wear item some where recently. In-world content that is presently in style is always sweet. U-_-U

            PS - Sorry for my delayed and untimely response. I have been out of town for a few weeks and away from the virtual world that is Home. Hugs.
          2. May2099
            Hey hey lady, Ah ... I think I located the big stink (^ reads up ^) you told me about regarding your choice in wording. To funny. A big stink over such a thing when it's clearly written as an endowment of positive sisterhood not in a derogatory manner. Geez. If I could only choke every ... erm ... yeah ... on Home that ever called me "sis". *Cracking up!* We are all adults here right? You keep rocking the boat cause that's where the party's at and the rest are just waiting to get in. HUGS U-_-U
          3. myalana
            Well aren't you the little troublemaker Miss Hope? I'm loathe to post outside the forums, but well, I felt compelled to. What an excellent showcase.

            Now then...I'm rather sure that a certain other site wouldn't have posted this showcase. That's a good thing. I'd rather not read the monotonous ramblings about how "this is cumbersome" or other such drivel from...oh I better stop there (this is my first post here and all) The fact is, you are one of a very few whos fits make me take notice. That combined with a unique mash-up such as the Pretty Little Liars bit above, is refreshing and appreciated.

            Keep doing what you're doing Hope and remember..."stirring the pot" a little can be a good thing.
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            1. formulaHT017
              I thank you Mya. I know that posting can be "cumbersome" at times. LOL
              formulaHT017, Aug 11, 2014
          4. K.H
            This Is freakin awesome Great Job!
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