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Lockwood's Secrets Bandage Swimsuits

Average User Rating:
  1. K.H
    "Another Great Showcase!!"
    Pros - Beautiful Pics ! you girls do make those suits look extra special
    Cons - none
    Nerzhul, Dino and RedAmazon66 like this.
    1. RedAmazon66
      "Great Swimwear!"
      Pros - Definitely another hot look in swimwear from Lockwood and I love the variety of colors.
      Cons - None.
      This suit definitely makes a great addition to any summer wardrobe...thanks for featuring it and allowing me to be a part of it!
      Nerzhul and Dino like this.
      1. Dino
        "Well done!!"
        Pros - Beautiful pix and a lot of them
        Cons - None
        Fantastic job at creating this showcase!
        Nerzhul likes this.
        1. Nerzhul
          "Good job Form!!"
          Pros - Lots of pix. Different locals make it interesting.
          Cons - none
          Well put together. Tough to do with so few swimsuits. This should boost sales for Lockwood.