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LKWD Life Lakeside Oasis

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  • features
    Check out the full list of features that this PlayStation Home personal space supports or does not support.

    YesWall Hangings
    This space as 15 Slots.
    NOEditable Wallpaper
    This space does not support editable wallpaper.
    NoHome Rewards
    This space does not have any rewards to win.
    NoVideo Screen
    This space does not have any video screens.
    NoInteractive Lights
    This space does not support interactive lights.
    NoDay & Night
    This space does not support day & night.
    This space does not have mini-games.
    YesOther Interactive Systems
    This space comes with the following interactive systems.
    Seats, Swim
  • Costing
    This item costs the following to buy in the below regions.


    This item was released in the following regions on the below dates.

    21 April 2014
    21 April 2014
    Not Released
    Not Released
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Recent User Reviews

  1. kwoman32
    "Good Not Perfect"
    Pros - Very nice artwork and functional for a "free" space. The "grotto" area is a plus. Has swimming. Good sound (as in many LKWD spaces)
    Cons - No night/day cycle. No mini-games or other interactive features. Showers do not work. Fireplace and small room to its right a bit out of place.
    This is a nice space. You have to grind a lot to get it, but it is nice. Don't fall into the trap of buying additional clubhouses to get it. I didn't and got it just fine. Be patient. It could have been a serious knockout with just a bit more work, but hey, it's "free". Sort of. :) Beats a lot of spaces I paid for.
    ZAYA-MAN likes this.
    1. C.Birch
      "Good free Reward"
      Pros - Layout, Views
      Cons - Dark
      For a reward space, this is one of the best in a long time to be given has a reward. This space it self is well designed with great views but is a bit on the dark side, this space could have been a real knock out if Day & Night support was added and some like things edited like the wash showers being made to work.
      ZAYA-MAN likes this.

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      1. happyfeet
        It's a lovely relaxing party space