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Jam games and the Basquettes tour

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair The Marissa - LKWD - .99
    • Hands Silver bracelet ring set (Threads)- .25/ LKWD Pink Microphone - free for awhile now it's .49
    • Torso Priscilla Basque (JAM GAMES) - .99
    • Legs vinyl pants - free from threads for awhile now it's not available anymore -
    • Feet Madam Flutterby - black and white shoes(JAM GAMES) - .99
    Dear fans,

    We are proud to finally announce the Basquettes are going on their fan awaited tour and ready to reach a city near you. The band is especially excited for this tour because it gives them a chance to perform live for the fans and for them to have even more of a meet and greet with their fans.The tour comes pre-loaded with a couple of their fan favorite tracks like "Priscilla's prison" and "sequence of change," and even some new tracked that are being tested out on the fans like "Noir Phoenix" and the secret single that has been said by the band as their most beloved and possibly best work ever. The band is excited to give the fans a bit of the backstage fun that will be featured on the dvd such as the groups costume changes, the break and group fun that they tweet and instagram about daily but never really get the chance to showcase in full and give the real experience of the situation.

    The Basquettes have created some costumes, per the suggestion of fans and even using your votes have come up with their concert looks. Here are the listings of the costumes for this tour:

    Lead singer Jojo in her over the top The Marissa hairstyle, that she calls "Texas southernness, minus the bumpit" Her Basque Peach colored top with white scrolling designs throughout and silver with purple inlet necklace, that was created based on fan designs sent into the band, her double belted purple leather jeans, one pink belt and one silver and her new favorite shoes the Madam flutterby in black and white from the Jam games line. She hopes you enjoy all that pink purple and the big hair, and more than likely all the hair spray that will be shown being applied in the concert dvd.

    Lead Guitarist K has decided to go mostly if not all black in her style by wearing black biker maiden hairstyle with skull designs into the head wrap, the Pasha Basque top in two shades of pink light centered pink and darker shaded pink on the back and sides of the top she wears a nice pair of basic black leather leggings with black short cowboy boots because it was selected by the fans as an item for her to wear. Her necklace is pink and silver, which even though was a design for the lead singer was also incorporated into the others costumes as well.

    For Dj Lum, she went with a simple hairstyle called the fashionista, Pink tri-color earrings, that was the fan vote for her look, and the pandora basque which was in her favorite color of red, she went majority red with this look, and a shade of blue on the sides and back with white strings to tighten or loosen the basque top. Her shorts are the Gz Bikini bottoms which are white with red hearts all over and a red waistband, and her knee high stilleto boots in red color, as I mentioned earlier red is her favorite color. don't forget that she is also wearing the necklace in a red and blue shade.

    And finally for the drummer of the group Fro-Fro, she wanted to give it her own funky style and use a fan design for her look that was more closely similar with her own personal style. Her hair which features plenty of hidden secrets and bumpits, named the Diana, and her Paige Basque top which is in a shade of green and white scrolling designs, she also decided to include her favorite bracelet, that the fans know she always has on her Yellow diamond bracelet, the fan choice for shoes as well as leggings was the glitter leggings from the secrets collection and the flutterby garden shoes in a green shade with a blue butterfly attached to the shoe. Her necklace is more of a green shade as well.

    The band hopes you are excited to see them on tour and can't wait to engage the fans as well as put out more music. We hope you enjoy yourselves when you arrive and can't wait to sign autographs as soon as the show is over or whenever possibe.

    Thanks again,
    The Basquettes.

    Thanks to Jam for createing these basque tops. I really had a lot of fun creating this project, although I loved the idea of them I wish there was more options when it came to the shorts as an addition or bottoms for this look. I would have loved to see a skirt or maybe the tops come in different formats like bralettes or as a bandeau top. Another complaint is that they can glitch through stuff even though they should be a bit more easily managed when it comes to putting them under an outfit. Outside of that though these are definitely lovely tops that had me pretty excited to wear them. Can't wait to see what Jam does for the Jive collection in the future.
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    "Woot! Woot! Another brilliant article!"
    Pros - A very entertaining and fun review! Really made us smile here at JAM :D
    More JIVE to come soon! Watch this space!
    Cons - None whatsoever!
    Another brilliant article by a very talented writer with excellent models for the photo shoot! Makes us very proud! Thank you :D x
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