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Infinite Oasis Ranch Apartment

  • Rating
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  • features
    Check out the full list of features that this PlayStation Home personal space supports or does not support.

    YesWall Hangings
    This space as 5 Slots.
    NOEditable Wallpaper
    This space does not support editable wallpaper.
    YesHome Rewards
    This space has rewards to win.
    NoVideo Screen
    This space does not have any video screens.
    NoInteractive Lights
    This space does not support interactive lights.
    NoDay & Night
    This space does not support day & night.
    This space does not have mini-games.
    YesOther Interactive Systems
    This space comes with the following interactive systems.
  • Costing
    This item costs the following to buy in the below regions.


    This item was released in the following regions on the below dates.

    24th December 2014
    28th August 2013
    Not Released
    Not Released

User Comments

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  1. Adrian
    I wonder if the clubhouse will give rewards...
  2. happyfeet
    i would to get this place.
  3. Smokey Studios
  4. C.Birch
    No details on that sorry.
  5. Smokey Studios
    is the Space going to be put on the NA server i have it on my EU account ???? I would love it for NA !!!!!!