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Guide Electrokid

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  • Electrokid is a 2D, 8-Bit, side-scrolling platformer with 4 fantastic levels to play through, 15 medals to unlock and 6 fantastic animated clothing rewards to win.

    This game currently avalible in SCEA, SCEE and SCEAsia regions.

    Medal List
    01. "Plugged In" - Play your first game of Electrokid.
    02. "Bullet Time" - Shoot an enemies fire.
    03. "Stormy Weather" - Summon a storm.
    04. "Electrifying" - completed Electrokid.
    05. "Take me home, country roads" - complete the countryside zone under the dev time.
    06. "The city that never sleeps" - complete the city zone under the dev time.
    07. "One man army" - complete the army zone under the dev time.
    08. "Secrets are meant to be told" - complete the secret HQ zone under the dev time.
    09. "All your moonbase are belong to us" - get a score of over 100,000.
    10. "See a Penny" - Collect every pick up in any zone.
    11. "Shark Bait" - Death by shark attack!
    12. "No pick up left behind" - collect every pick up in all the zones.
    13. "Who needs superpowers anyway?" - complete the game using no special attacks.
    14. "Thank You" - Support the development of Electrokid.
    15. "Greased Lightening" - complete Electrokid under the dev time.
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    11th January 2012
    24th November 2011
    Not Released
    8th December 2011
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