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Diamond Beach Mansion (1st & 2nd Floor) - Yellow Team

  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space Diamond Beach Mansion (Floors 1 &2)
    • Total 100
    • Hair 2
    • Hair 0
    • Hair 5
    I had this space for quite a while and have redecorated it and changed it many times, but I think I have finally found something to do with it that I won't want to change. There are four pieces to this space, and I chose not to get the other pieces. I do love this space because of the beachfront that it sits on. So, since it is a beach, why not a hotel? For starters, I have plced outdoor flowers outside the main entrance, then as you walk in, there is an indoor courtyard with a fountain, trees and wooden benches. There is a beautiful registartion lobby located just to the side of the indoor courtyard. As you travel through the rest of the first floor, you will find a restaurant area. I have taken the very large downstairs room and turned it into 2 separate hotel rooms. as you continue upstairs, you will find a bar and seating area with enough space to allow dancing which also has a piano. Just off the seating area, you will find one more hotel room, a mini-room, if you will. On the other side of the bar area, I have put the city lights panels for use as a room divider and added ambience. Last is the biggest suite in the hotel equipped with a sitting area, a TV, and a fully working bathroom. All said, this space was alot of fun trying to set up as a hotel.
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  1. Obelisk_Black
    This looks pretty cool I just wish they would have gave all three parts of this mansion 100 slots like they did the first one.
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