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Deep V tops and short shorts review

Average User Rating:
  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair LKWD Sodium Oleander hairstyle w/ white stripe - .99
    • Hands LKWD Jewel of the skies jewel thief pendent Momento - .99
    • Feet BigYama Morocco Boots - .99
    • Jewellery LKWD jewel of the skies Ameerah's earrings Indigo - 1.49
    • Outfits Deep V - Camo - .99
    Recently I've been experimenting with a bunch of Inspection only items and one of the few that I've thoroughly enjoyed(especially because it came in my favorite print Camo) is the Deep V one piece. I don't know if this will be in a future update one of these days under the threads tab but from what I'm seeing it's definitely a sony related product. The Deep V(the V is so deep that you can clearly see belly button) short sleeved top with cotton style short shorts is a lovely piece for those who are interested in showing some skin and having comfort all in one. The real world might be cold but that doesn't mean your pshome avi should dress that way and now to discuss the pieces that are featured.

    The Deep v in Camo - The deep v camo print is my favorite because well you guys should know me by now it comes in a camo print Deep v short sleeved top and cotton green short shorts I featured this outfit with the LKWD: Jewel Thief Pendent Memento, the sodium oleander hairstyle with white streak and the BigYama Morocco Boots in black. I thoroughly enjoyed the look that mixes hard and soft and this is definitely that look but it also keeps things a bit sexy(maybe too sexy for those folks who feel uncomfortable with an excess of skin)

    The Deep V in Black and White(I don't know why it's named that but whatever) - the deep v in black and white is another one I think this was the first seen deep V outfit that E3 gave as an exclusive item that the home user could purchase it's a really cute look the top is a white short sleeved deep v top with black trim and set with adorable purple and blue striped cotton shorts, the shoes are LKWD drey spiked heel sandals in black, the glow eyebrow bar in green and the Marion hairstyle. I thought this was an adorable look that is totally prometheusUFO who was the featured model for this outfit I would like to thank him for providing his help in doing this shoot.

    The deep V in Purple Stripe is the other look that I own and love it is an adorable and simplistic style of outfit, it's purple and a lighter colored purple striped shirt and shorts combo with dark purple trim that separates the shorts and also as the deep V. The look features the Default hairstyle with the LKWD black stiletto with buckle shoes and again it's a great look to try out. Thanks goes to Kwoman32 for being a model in this shoot as well I had a blast getting everything set up with her help and working on this can't wait to have her in a future shoot, hopefully.

    I really enjoyed doing this shoot featuring the deep v outfits and hopefully there are more alternate colors of the set because I think it would look amazing in pink and black or red and etc just give us more colors of the outfits. I do have some complaints about the outfit though, I think it's disappointing that I can't wear it with any other shorts and that I can't wear the shorts with anything else outside of the top because it would have been great to create looks surrounding either shorts or top in the future maybe we can get that as a release one day if sony deems this as important enough to work on. All in all besides these complaints and the fact that I wanted to see variety on the outfit like a dress version or longer slacks maybe a cute capri version of it I still think these are great for those that have interest in one piece outfits and would be interested in showing and excess of skin This is the collection for you. Thanks for reading and can't wait to see you all in my next showcase :)
  • Deep V.png
    Deep V Purple Stripe.png
    Deep V black and white.png
    Deep V - camo.png
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  1. kwoman32
    "Deep-V Outfits"
    Pros - I like them!
    Cons - Have to find someone who owns them and use INSPECT to purchase.
    More of the seemingly never-ending backlog of "Sony" items that are not in the regular store. Guess Sony doesn't need the money.

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