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Dani 1.1: The mix and match collection

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair The Drey Femme Fatale - .99 / Agent 47 barcode head piece - only in the agent 47 bundle 4.99
    • Hands Goth jewelry - .49 /
    • Torso Lace top w/ collar - .99 / Lace top w/o collar .99
    • Legs Dani 1.2 high low skirt - .99 / Billabong in ur dreams "whitecaps" - .99
    • Feet Drey ultra wedge heels "purple" - .99 / Lkwd stilettos in hot pink - .49
    • Jewellery / Cameo earrings - .25
    • Accessories Dani express your colour oval shades - .99 / Drey oversized black shades - .99
    The Dani line has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to using pieces and creating a complete outfit with the occasional item. I've also lately been in love w/ the shoes especially the lace up heel sandals that will be mentioned in this piece that I am writing The Newest dani set, the not so basic mix and match line, really highlights the factor that these are perfect mix and match material even showcasing that you can mix and match this line within itself(I've used pieces from the 1.2 line to come together w/ the 1.1 line and the mixes for that are absolute heaven <3) The Dani 1.1 line features a mix of collar and non collared version of these lovely tops. They come in Dotted, lace, and printed variants, and the shoes are in 3 different lengths from calf length to under the ankle. These were also pretty fun to craft into outfits w/ other pieces outside and inside the Dani line.

    The first grouped look is the dotted top w/ and w/o collar. Off the rack look is the dotted top, double split skirt and the under the ankle length lace up heels.

    This beautiful top w/ collar I featured the split skirt from the 1.2 line, what I love about this collection is it's effortless appeal to match w/ each piece and not look forced. I used the gift machine blue clutch bag and the lkwd sliver stilettos I thought this was a very beautiful and simplistic look that featured a monochrome style but w/ a pop of color that is in the clutch bag

    The dotted top sans collar I included the Billabong black rio mio skirt and again the sliver stilettos from LKWD and the HUGE ring from Gz that you find I figured for a date night look I wanted to go w/ something simple that showed skin but didn't show too much and this was my LBD(Little black dress) for this top. As you'll probably see throughout this article I went for a more monochromatic appeal w/ a good majority of the dani line.

    The next pair is the Lace w/ and w/o collar set up what I loved about this set is that it's really a soft and feminine designed top that is very simplistic the set originally was the lace top and lace short shorts w/ ankle length 1.1 lace up shoes.

    Lace top w/ collar look that I used was the dani 1.2 high low lace tipped skirt as usual the monochrome style came out w/ a pop of color that is the purple wedge strapped heels from LKWD drey collection I also include the Dani oval white shades from the express your color collection. I think for this look I wanted to feature the combo of lace top w/ the high low skirt because it just fits soo perfectly together.

    The lace top sans collar I gave another monochromatic look that features the lace top the Billabong in ur dreams - white cap white lace skirt, this is one of my favorite skirts from billabong, but for some reason it always reminds me of the dollies(you know those lace dollies that are usually featured in grandmother's homes on tv shows and it's placed on the table as a way to keep the table from getting dirtied by the food) it's a cute skirt all in all just every time I look at it I am reminded of dollies. The shoes I featured were the original LKWD pink stilettos that they originally released. I wanted to go for a soft "dainty" look w/ this outfit and w/ the inclusions of the LKWD over sized Chanel influenced shades as well as the cameo earrings I think it came out perfectly.

    The next pair and final pair is the the printed(plaid) collar and collarless top this one I figured since it has a bit of color in the top I would try and go outside of the monochrome style and add in an even bigger pop of color to the outfits. The off the rack set up for this top is the printed top, split and asymmetrical skirt and the calf length lace up shoes, but the fits I featured were

    The first look is the printed collar set I featured that w/ the red jeans that were released as free awhile back, the dani lace up shoes under the ankle length, the sweet boho jeweled bracelet and ring set and my new favorite to wear earrings from threads the Cameo set. I wanted this to have a bit of a difference compared to the other set ups(not just in skirt appeal but in the fact that it's more of a great office look throw on a blazer and this would definitely come to be a lovely piece)

    Finally the printed top sans the collar I featured this look w/ the dani 1.2 wide split skirt(this is one of those skirts you have to own if you don't get anything else from the 1.2 besides the high low skirt) I also included the dani 1.1 calf length lace up booties I wanted this look to be more of the party girl than the rest because of how daring the wide split is in the skirt that it's hard to see this working anywhere that isn't either a fashion function, clubbing or just for street fashion purposes. This was a fun look in my opinion because it features two of my favorite items w/ a great top the wide split skirt and the calf length lace up heels.

    I must admit the 1.1 came out to be a solid collection although One of the only complaints that I have for the 1.1 line when it comes to the tops is that some shorts, skirts, pants, etc don't fit well w/ it you sort of get a bleeding design that looks like two suspenders are being attached to the bottoms set(this is for some items for others it's more of the entire top overlapping in some areas and then others it goes under and looks really weird).

    The suspenders look that it gives can actually be pretty awesome and great for some looks but when it's sort of overlapping in one area and not the other it can sort of limit the styles that can work w/ these tops. That is actually the one complaint(that can sort of be a good thing if it's the top looking like suspenders over pants) I have for these sets besides that it's a very solid piece to own and I would definitely suggest these as a purchase.

    Besides that the entirety of the collection is great especially highlighting the skirts and shorts and the shoes(the skirts and shorts will be featured in the 1.2 reviews so be on the look out for that to come soon. I just want to say thanks to dani for another great line of clothing and I can't wait to see where she goes next year.
  • Dani 1 - collarless dot.png
    Dani 1 - collarless lace.png
    Dani 1 - collarless print.png
    Dani 1 - Dotted collar.png
    Dani 1 - lace collar.png
    Dani 1 - printed collar.png
    Dani 1.png
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