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Complex 2 Apartment - Yellow Team

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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space Complex 2
    • Total 100
    • Hair 1
    • Hair 0
    • Hair 2
    When I first saw this space, I freaked out! It is exactly the kind of architecture I love and so naturally, I had to have it and my plan was to buy all 4 additional pieces. Plans changed once I got playing with it. I did purchase the additional room adjacent to the main area just so I could have access to the hallway which, with the slatted windows, gives it a very dramatic and appealing lighting effect. I did also purchase the garden area, which has been left as is. I focused my attention to to the main living area and the hallway of which I mentioned earlier. I have set up a kitchen again with wall lights and a small breakfast table not tyo far away. I set up a small sitting area with a piano. In this case, less was more. I did put a dining table in the center round with some flowers for accent. What makes this place really interesting is the bathroom and bedroom located in the hallway adjacent to the main living area. The bathroom is fully equipped along with a footstool and lots of details. I used several shelf cabinets as room dividers and then used the naugahide credenza on top to create an arched doorway, which is also how you place lights in the cabinets. Moving to the bedroom, I had a hard time creating just the right set of drawers for my liking, so, I made one, using the naugahide credenza and 2 of the walnut coffee table that is offered to guests as a reward from the Dream Forest space. I think it worked and I love it. Then, again, I placed more cabinets and used them to shut off the other big room and used the romantic fireplace for decor and ambience. (Can ya tell the fireplace is one of my favorite pieces of furniture? lol) I do LOOOVE the look of all of this space, but, I think for now, I will be sticking to just wahat I bought of it, as I am perfectly happy with what I have. I love the way this space turned out!
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  1. VickyTheVampire
    "go yellow team !!"
    Pros - once again nicely done

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    1. Boxer.Lady
      I'm an advocate of open air deco plans instead of blocking it off with walls and this is an excellent example!
        Foofyloose likes this.
    2. VickyTheVampire
      looks like you are well in the lead here foof!! :)
        Foofyloose and Boxer.Lady like this.