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Club Ice Dreams

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  • Crib Information

    • Personal Space Arctic Dream Yacht
    • Total 30
    • Hair 1
    • Hair 0
    • Hair 1
    My husband decided to have a club on his yacht where all the people of PS Home could come party. He hid a radio behind the D.J. booth to give the appearance of him"spinning on the ones and twos" using his gold turntables (free from X7). My favorite part is the bar where he used wardrobes from the bathroom bundle and the cash register and counter rewards from the San Francisco space. He also included some bottle service platters that were rewards from X7. All in all I thought it was well done.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Boxer.Lady
    "Good club"
    Pros - Nice job making this a club! I like the idea he had of putting the radio behind the bar to make it seem as if he was really using the decks.
    Cons - I would have liked to see pictures of the rest of the space.
    Nicely done bar/club for someone with a lot of friends that loves to party! ; ) Great atmosphere.

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