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Castle Greywold: Apartment

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    This space as 15 Slots.
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    28th May 2014
    4th June 2014
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Recent User Reviews

  1. FoxxyCanuck
    "Beautiful Castle, Historically accurate..."
    Pros - Large space but not too big; many rooms to decorate; nicely decorated with tapestries, etc.; furniture bundle and clothing bundle a very nice bonus (love all the pieces); a great price for the ultimate bundle.
    Cons - Gate across tower stairs; can't walk out to the gate house across the bridge.
    As a lover of all things Medieval, I was very excited when I purchased the Greywold Castle. The surroundings (which looks like the Highlands of Scotland) are simply beautiful. And the castle itself is quite historically accurate. I love the little touches, like the archery range, torches, and tapestries (which are copies of actual Medieval paintings and tapestries). The furniture which comes with the bundle, is some of the best Medieval furniture on Home. And the female dresses (of which there are four, for the four corresponding Houses), though more fantasy than historical, are quite lovely. Let's not forget the 6 LMOs which come with the bundle-my favourite being the drunken tankard walk. All in all, I have to say this is one of best personal spaces that been released on Home in a while...and by nDreams, no less. I would highly recommend this space (especially with the bundle) for all you Medieval lovers out there.
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    1. Rustbukkit
      If you're a fan of fantasy, or medieval times... this is a great space! I picked up the bundle today, and I have to say I think it's well worth the money. I'll say right now though, that this space is all about decoration! You need to have the right content to put in the space to make it work. That being said, it's a great space to start with and slowly build up your fantasy content if you don't already have a lot (which fortunately, I do).

      The space itself is huge, with 3 floors (though the 2nd floor is mostly a catwalk running the circumference, leading to the upper rampart, and reconnecting to the one room on that floor). The layout is good and the structural details and surface textures are excellent. The main courtyard on the ground floor is very spacious and has plenty of room for adding anything from horse and carriages to stocks and guillotines. There is a small stable/shed building here, that for some reason nDreams doesn't want us to go into. I dunno.. maybe that's where they're hiding the bodies... but I just wanted to put my LW horse in there. I'm really not sure why they bothered adding an open stable type building and then blocking off the entrance. The archery range is short and very wide, but has so much missed potential. All the targets are the same. Empty. This was a great opportunity to add some kind of mini-game, and it falls short and just sits unused really. Home still misses the mark for adding mini games in personal spaces, and this is a prime example.

      The main lower hall is nice, with a built in riser to put your throne on. Behind the main room is a smaller circular room with stairs leading to the higher floors. I used this as my alchemy lab, and to stash my hoard of treasures. The 2nd floor has one room as I previously mentioned, which I used as a dining area. There are two tapestries hanging on the walls, but sadly, they are seriously faded. You'd think the colours on them would be more vibrant considering the space is intended to be 'in use' and lived in, rather than some old castle we're visiting on a tour bus with retiree's. The third floor is the bedroom, with a built in bed and chest. Unfortunately, it's old school and you can only sit on the edge of the bed. They would have done us a favour by not bothering to add a bed at all and allow us to add our own... but then again, I'm not on Home to have *ahem* "sleep over's", so it suits me fine I guess. From the bedroom, there is a top terrace with parapet that is spacious and has a great view of the landscape and sky. The rolling hillsides are pretty sparse and barren, and could have benefitted from more trees rather than the few that dot the landscape, but the sky more than makes up for this with it's mellow lighting and slowly drifting clouds overhead. Wall hanging space is plentiful, but there are one or two spots I felt they missed (like directly centred over the throne riser, rather than just on either side).

      Other than being able to sit on the bed or chest at it's foot, there is absolutely zero interaction in the space. As I said, an archery mini-game was a huge missed opportunity in this area and the place suffers a bit because of no interactivity in this day and age on Home. It truly is medieval in that sense I guess, so it.. fits?

      I know there are some negative points to this space, but as far as medieval or fantasy goes.. this is the best bang for your buck in our very limited choices.

      As I said, I got the bundle which more than makes up for any misgivings the actual space has. For 12 bucks you get the personal space, clubhouse, all LMO's (which are great... but slow down your walk speed dramatically), 4 colour variants of furniture (which are mostly meh), 4 colour variants of both male and female one-piece outfits (also kind of meh), and two dances for both genders which include 3 dance moves per dance pack ( a total of 6 dance moves per gender). The dances are reminiscent of something you'd see at celebrations in the courts of Kings and Queens of the day, and are very well done (nDreams are the King of dances on Home after all). Seriously, if you've been hanging on to your PSN wallet cash for a while because you're tired of all the fam oriented gang banger garbage, this is the time and content to drop it on. If you dig traditional castles and fantasy, this is the one to get!

      With LW_Life having taken so long to finally get updated to my current club I really don't much care about it anymore, so I'll be swapping out my Dream Forest clubhouse for this one in the next few days until something more appropriate for my Elvenkind club comes along (which will likely be a very long time at the rate we get fantasy stuff on Home).
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