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Guide Capcom Sky Lounge - Sky Deck

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  • The Capcom Sky Lounge is a public space in PS Home Japan. It has multiple levels, one of which is called the Sky Deck. When you enter the Sky Lounge, you are facing the Reception Desk. Turn left, walk to wall, turn left again and walk to door. That is the entrance to the Sky Deck.

    Five times a day, there is an event here. The event always starts on the hour at the times noted below. Walk forward a few steps and stand at the railing on the right. When the event starts, a group of osprey rotor aircraft will fly in over the deck amid lightning and music. One will fly right over you. The next one will hover alongside. When it does, look for a blue prompt at bottom of your screen. If you are standing near another avatar, you will have to quickly move a round a bit until you see it. When you do, press X on your controller. If you do not press X at the prompt, no reward will be given.

    Sounds simple enough, but it gets a bit complicated.

    First, there is a reward, however, it is not given at every event. Note the "Reward Times" section below. The reward (an osprey replica) is only given at those times on those days. To further complicate things, you have to match up the day and date (under "Event Dates & Times") with the "Reward Times".

    EXAMPLE : Let's say you are there on a Monday and the date is the 16th. That's an "even day". Look under the "Even Dates" for the event times. Let's assume you are there at 6pm (Tokyo time or JST), or the 4th event for the day. You will see the event, however, no reward will be given. Look under "Reward Times" and you will see that on Mondays, the reward is only given during the 1st or 5th event for that day. In this case, the next event that the reward would be given would be the fifth one, which would be at 9p (Tokyo time or JST).

    If you are still with me, now all you have to do is convert JST to your local time zone. Also, take the date into consideration. As an example, you might be there on a Monday, but in Tokyo it may be Tuesday. You have to figure out the proper schedule (even and odd days) plus the reward times based on Tokyo (JST) time.

    To try to make this a little clearer, I am providing below four schedules. One for Tokyo (JST), London (GMT), East Coast US (EST) and West Coast US (PST).

    Event Dates & Times - Even Dates (Tokyo (JST))
    1 am 5 am 2 pm 6 pm 9 pm
    Event Dates & Times - Odd Dates (Tokyo (JST))
    3 am 8 am Noon 5 pm 10 pm
    Event Dates & Times - Even Dates (GMT) (Add one hour for BST)
    5 am 9 am Noon 6 pm 11 pm
    Event Dates & Times - Odd Dates (GMT) (Add one hour for BST)
    4 pm 8 pm 3 am 8 am 1 pm
    Event Dates & Times - Even Dates (EST) (Add one hour for EDT)
    12 am 4 am 7 am 1 pm 6 pm 11pm
    Event Dates & Times - Odd Dates (EST) (Add one hour for EDT)
    3 am 8 am 11 am 3 pm
    Event Dates & Times - Even Dates (PST) (Add one hour for PDT)
    1 am 4 am 10 am 3 pm 7 pm
    Event Dates & Times - Odd Dates (PST) (Add one hour for PDT)
    12 am 5 am 8 am Noon 9 pm
    NOTE : There is no Daylight Savings Time in Tokyo

    Reward Times (no reward on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays)
    Mondays - 1st and 5th times
    Wednesdays - 1st time
    Fridays - 2nd and 4th times
    Saturday - 3rd and 5th times
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