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Beach Beauty Value Pack

  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Torso Beach Beauty Bikini - Red
    • Legs Beach Beauty Bikini - Red
    • Feet Beach Beauty Bikini - Red
    It's been long over due, but at long last we have some beachwear that is not all about being small and showing off skin to bring attention to yourself, its about being that woman that likes to show off natural beauty and that is just what Lockwood are letting you do with this new Beach Beauty Value Pack!

    The pack is great value for money with the pack coming with the following items.
    • The Betty - Black
    • The Betty - Red
    • Beach Beauty Bikini - Black
    • Beach Beauty Bikini - Red
    For only $2.99 in the US, If you wish mind you you can buy the items in singles also, if your only after the one color.

    Why this latest beachwear from Lockwood looks great, it does come with draw backs with the Bikini taking up the Torso, Legs & Feet slots of your wardrobe, meaning that your not able to mix and match the Bikini and you can only wear it as the full set with the shoes.

    For many people that's a big draw back on the items, but if your just after a nice beachwear set than this is for you.
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  1. kwoman32
    Doesn' that come with hair with a matching bow?