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Atom republic solid's sneakers.

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Suzanne hairstyle - LKWD Gift machine
    • Hands Threads silver bangles and ring set - .25
    • Torso LKWD "Do you even lift bro?" t-shirt - gift machine
    • Legs (Element) camo print jeans - .99
    • Feet Atom republic - green sneakers - .99
    Happy new year everybody, did you enjoy yours? I really enjoyed mine. Here is my article featuring the Solids from the Atom Republic sneaker collection.

    Sneakers, whether you like them or not, have presently become a mainstay in the fashion/non-fashion realm for years. These started off as shoes meant to be worn while playing sports and until the desire for these to be worn outside of the sporting world and use these as just fashion pieces increased enough to ... well you know the rest if you own a pair of sneakers. This corrolates to home because there is a certain dev that has recently crafted some very lovely sneakers for those of us who enjoy a little style in our shoe wear but don't want to have ot endure what is known as large feet syndrome on pshome, you can definitely can rejoice because Atom Republic(a fairly new dev) has created the Atom Republic sneaker collection. These high top sneakers (yes I said high tops imagine Converse but virtual) come in a variety of colors and some even sporting basic colors designs on them are definitely worth the price of .99 each or if you are like me and want them all come in a bundle for the price of 9.99 for all male or all female. I want to comment right now on the solid colors designed and give insight on how I personally would style them as well as provide some style ideas that could maybe give these personality for any fashionistas (or learning fashion lovers) style.

    Starting off with the White set, these were actually my favorite to create an outfit around. White is one of my favorite colors (besides green but we will get to that in a second). I wanted to try something a bit different from what I originally had in mind so I featured the white sneakers set w/ the vanity case purse in blush pink from LKWD, the blush pink vintage lace skirt w/ gold belt and for the top I wanted to give it more color by using the silk crop top in Aztec print. The hairstyle is my favorite Gz bundle style the high bun w/ two loose curls at the front and a bang. I wanted to fuse a lot of light adorable colors to give the look more of a youth appeal to it. What's great about these white sneakers is that they are a base color so a lot of color and print work can be put w/ them and it won't look all over the place. Alternate look idea I had was the Wrangler dolly tank top w/ the diesel white shorts and the Dani collection jewels bracelet but the outfit in my opinion felt a bit too tame and didn't have any standout qualities to it so I wanted to recreate the official look to be used w/ the white sneakers.

    The red sneakers I wanted to give the simplistic college look by putting it together w/ the gray sailor fleece from Billabong and the old Scion jeans that was a reward item, the glasses are the air oval shaped glasses from the LKWD gift machine and to top it off I used again my favorite devs hair Gz the high school gang messy curls hairstyle. I wanted this look to be a mix of colors but more of the deep colors instead of going soft like I previously tried w/ the white sneakers. Alternate look idea would have to be the Foal open plaid shirt over the crop top from LKWD and the Drey white high-waisted shorts (the very first shorts that were released from LKWD) and the hair can either be a side swept piece or go with the ponytail for a simpler approach.

    Next up is the green sneakers, now everybody who knows Elmo can tell you that I have a strong love for green and anything green related, so these I found to be a bit harder to decorate around seeing as they were more of a spring green which is a hard color to match a lot of things w/ because it's so bright so I went simple by using the camo print jeans from the element collection and the LKWD gift machine "Bro, do you gift?" T-shirt. This was paired w/ the LKWD Side braid "The Suzanne." I wanted to just throw more green on top of the green that is the sneakers because well I just love green and thought this was a cute walking around look together. Alternate choice would have been to use the the Foal pink sleeveless button up w/ collar and the Codeglue jeggings (jean leggings) this would be a perfect downtime look for the green sneakers.

    Orange high tops I went a bit all over w/ the color this go round featured was the school gang white short skirt w/ the tied front striped crop top in apple candy(different shades of green) I wanted to give this more a youthful vibe by using bright colors and one base color to go with it(the white of the skirt). Alternate look for this color, I would suggest the On the Rocks Cool Wip dress from Billabong w/ the side ponytail braid from LKWD (The Suzanne in the GM)

    The brown (chocolate) high tops was the second pair of sneakers that I created a full outfit for these I went a bit simple by pairing them w/ the canary yellow LKWD pinafore dress I wanted this look to be simple and easy and because I absolutely adore the pinafore style dresses I figured why not let this be the first pairing that I do w/ the sneakers. pairing w/ these sneakers I also included the gold "ghetto ghost" <---- I hate that name doorknocker earrings and the bangles w/ rings set from the drop science collection. Alternate look for the brown pair would be vest print top from JAM Games and the p-dust trousers from Diesel both are pretty chilled relaxed pieces to go w/ the brown sneakers.

    The bat symbol(black sneakers w/ the bat symbol on the toecap/box I featured this look w/ the Billabong red floral print artest strapped dress and the LKWD Suzanne hairstyle (again) I wanted to go a bit simple with this outfit because I at the moment did not have a comic themed outfit(I'm sure those who have seen these sneakers know where I am going w/ that comment) I love how they could get a reference into the PS Home store undetected but it was definitely greatly appreciated. Alternate look ideas: one would be to wear the welcome zombies t-shirt(it's in black) and the cowgirl hot pants shorts from Irem (have a good friend who is interested in allowing you to inspect them for this item) Another suggestion that I would go for is the blue plaid skirt from Foal and the Drey tie front crop top in white something school-girlish and simple but still an outfit that is great to wear outside of looking like a costume.

    The black pair I dressed down w/ the human tech-bot 1.0 pants and the element radiate tank top in black hair that was featured is the long curly hairstyle w/ blue streaks and the Jam jar shopping bag(free item) I wanted this look like most of the previous looks to be something a bit fun and simple, w/o dressing completely down. Alternate look for these would be the khaki Billabong Memory shorts and the denim open tie front figment dream islander top and the succubus hairstyle.

    The pink set fun to create an outfit w/ I found that the pinafore dress in cyan and accessorized w/ the bangles from the final fantasy vanille outfit bundle, I loved the mix of colors between these two items together. The alternate look that would have been perfect for this pink set would be the street style trend setter denim waistcoat in white and the jeggings smokey stripe mix it together and you have a winner.

    The yellow set I pieced together with the fun laced trim Sweet Boho short one piece romper set from Dani in black, I wanted to go with something simple because the yellow sneakers need a solid or at least tame base color to go w/ it. An alternate look that would be great is the under cover bandeau top in orange and white and the element cape cod shorts in either black or mauve.

    The final pair in the line for solid colors is the blue set that I paired w/ the black vintage lace skirt w/ blue belt and the drey fitted three quarter sleeve jacket in the night sea style and the black drey straw boater hat w/ cobalt blue woven clutch bag. The alternate look idea that I would suggest for this final look would have to be mint foal varsity v-neck shirt and the Billabong akasha denim shorts in dark This look sort of captures the preppy style w/o becoming an costume or something that is one dimensional in style.

    This article was meant to sort of shine a spotlight on the Atom Republic sneaker collection and how they would be a perfect mainstay in a lot of fashionistas closets and worth the price of at least purchasing just the ones that you are interested in repeatedly wearing. Thank you all and until the next installment where I will be featuring exclusive the patterned and designed edition of the Atom Republic sneaker collection. Ciao
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