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Atom Republic designs/patterned sneakers

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  • Wardrobe Items used

    • Head hitman headpiece - in the exclusive hitman bundle 4.99 (costumes)
    • Hands goth ringlet threads - .49
    • Torso Dual Tee was an item in threads is now gone from the shelves - free
    • Legs frayed denim mini-skirt w/ ripped tights in red mask - gift machine
    • Feet Atom republic union jack sneakers - .99
    • Jewellery drey spiked earrings tiger - .99
    Part two on my sneakers review features the patterned and studded versions of the sneakers from atom republic. W/ the release of solid sneakers you know as a dev that you are playing it a bit safe on the content because solids in the fashion realm are great they can go w/ plenty of other solids or combine w/ pattern designs, but for a dev to go a bit outside and release sneakers that feature patterns and flags and studs and even glitter(yes, you read that right glitter!) takes a bit of daring and know-how of what could and couldn't work which is why I'm in full support of the atom republic sneakers because they didn't just play it safe they sort of went outside of what is usually expected of home shoe content and put out something that we can actually challenge ourselves w/ pairing w/ other items. The only thing that I can actually say that I really didn't feature about the new sneakers is that they didn't explore more into different patterns and solids and design ideas. Maybe we will see something like that in the future or something will happen for us shoe lovers but until then we have these awesome sets of shoes to play around with.

    First I would like to comment on the Union jack design, which although I'm not from the U.K. I love the flag's design for fashion wear, I paired it w/ the LKWD ripped tights and mini-denim skirt from the full throttle line that also features a thick banded sparkly belt figured it would work w/ the threads ripped skull t-shirt w/ pink under shirt. Alt look idea would be to pair it w/ the Gz leather biker jacket in black w/ pinstriped under shirt and the Sakura blue school girl skirt bottom.

    The stars and stripes shoes I set w/ the default brown shorts w/ suspenders and the yellow breezy top from threads this I wanted to give a cool and carefree vibe and also show skin. Alt look that screams MURICA! the American flag leggings from lkwd and the black bra top w/ tattoo from Heavy water or something simple the blue & white polka dot dress from billabong from lkwd would also feature well w/ the American flag sneakers.

    The rose pattern sneakers for some reason reminded me more of the Taylor swift innocent sweet 16ish girl that still believes in love and romance, so I went for the simple slim fit empire waist dress from Q-two (peakvox) and the bridesmaid hairstyle from LKWD, I wanted something very romantic and simplistic but casual enough to fit into wearing sneakers w/ the dress and this was definitely that. Alt look idea would have to be the fusion coral peddler denim trousers from billabong and the sailor fleece stripes from billabong.

    The atom republic studded sneakers in black are one of my favorites because they have a bit of versatility(except if you are trying to go for an elegant look then you are definitely out of luck w/ these) that and it's nice to see a dev get studded right and not have it look terribly tacky or cheesy, the look I featured here was the save the tatas top from Loot the sideway cap from LKWD's drop science line and the white one leg rolled up sweatpants from threads this is a simple and easy look to do and I wanted to at least try something of this area for at least one of the sneakers. Alt look idea would have to be the Goth skirt from threads and the shredded top from threads and just to push this look over the laced-up, fingerless leather gloves from the new challenges season 2 game.

    The grey pattern sneakers are another format of the rose pattern only difference is that they aren't rose based it's more floral and the color is darker on these but I went for somewhat of a current and similar look from the rose pattern the white pinafore dress and the goth ring-bracelet combo. I wanted this to be more current because the pattern is a bit less in the area of romance and going towards the college-age woman who wants for herself (not saying that there aren't any that don't desire marriage). Alt look idea would be the playground female sleeveless jean jacket and the acid wash jeans also from threads this would actually go great for a 90s themed look if you want to go full on w/ the hairstyle and accessories, if not just go for the jean jacket and maybe a billabong or lkwd miniskirt in black.

    The leopard set or as I like to call it the leopardess sneakers are a lovely addition for those into animal prints, it for me went great w/ the element lili wine this was a dream soon as I put them together wine (red for those who are color blind) looks well put together w/ leopard print period so combining the two was almost a no brainer for me. The alt look idea would be the element authentic muscle top in Olive and the element nostalgia shorts in natural.

    This although was another of my fav set in shoes wasn't my favorite outfit, but I do feature it as a set up(I would probably change the pants next time) The shoes featured are the pink glitter sneakers and I wanted to give a sort of youthful look that seemed to have went more towards looking too youthful The LKWD heart crop top w/ bear backpack in the gift machine and the men's dress set Capri pants from Gz, as from the photo you can notice that it has an almost child-like style. Alt look idea would be the Long cardigan outfit set from Gz in the beige white and pink color set. I think this actually ages up the sneakers enough to fit into a college dorm or maybe high school.

    The pink studded sneakers I wanted to give a sort of relaxed street style vibe so I featured these w/ the LKWD denim starlet ripped jeans and the drey black blazer w/ white glitter shirt, although I didn't include this item I felt it would have went w/ the entire look by including the drey grey leather saddle bag from the gm. Alt look idea would be the billabong black life is beau t-shirt and the ripped lace jeans from LKWD. Both looks would feature well w/ the studded pink sneakers.

    Another set that I really loved was the purple glitter sneakers and for this pairing I went w/ something a bit revealing but fun and summer influenced The LKWD slouch vest in sunset pattern w/ the black bandeau and the Dani not so basic 1.1 lace shorts this look feels like and reads like summer but w/ darker shades, even tho' summer is over at least in home you can still freely rock summer influenced clothing for fun. The alt look idea I would go w/ for these would have to be the LKWD sailor sally blue and white striped tee w/ necklace and the LKWD sunset leggings, this would be more a teen inspired summer look compared to the adult version w/ the lace short shorts from Dani.

    The red crocodile is absolute awesomeness that I am completely in love w/ atom for creating these if you don't know what I mean they are crocodile print sneakers that actually look as if they were crafted from real crocodiles(atom better watch out for peta cause they'll come for you) these are really amazing sneakers so I went w/ my go-to current look which is the singstar black zipper in the front crop top and the white Gz school gang short skirt and backwards cap from LKWD's drop science collection. I wanted this look to be a bit minimalistic w/ a drop of color into the look so the attention goes more so towards the shoes than the rest of the outfit because they are the highlight of the outfit. Alt look idea would have to be the drop science baggy pants (they sort of look like harem pants but not on that level) and the dollar bling t-shirt from threads, this look sort of reminds me of what I featured for the black studded sneakers but the colors have been switched and there is the added bonus of *feels sick as she is writing this* bling.

    Another ~soft~ hood influenced outfit in the set up for me.(and hopefully the last one) The last pair of shoes that I did for this collection is the red glitter sneakers, these were actually the last ones I did a photo shoot on I actually thought I completed one but didn't realize that I never did one featured look for them so I had to find an outfit set up that I didn't do and also create a look for them, cue in my actual last ~soft ghetto featured look~ the golden shorts from lkwd drey collection and the crop top from heavy water w/ the flag tattoo and backwards cap from LKWD drop science I decided on this look because I wanted something that was a set of colors that actually go heavily together but were also strong sets that sort of seemed like they would clash, the golden shorts and glitter sneakers in red to me have the look that they could appear together and clash, but actually work well together and I believe they compliment this stark white background(a la terry Richardson) I wanted this look to be more about the outfit as a whole than a scene influenced set up. Alt look idea would be the thermy diesel top and the lit hearted denim shorts in peacoat.

    Thanks again to Atom for releasing these sneakers and I'd love to see more from them in the near future maybe an expanse of sneakers in different designs and patterns maybe even thigh high sneakers or at least knee highs(hopefully) or maybe go bit outside of bounds and create the converse heels that we've all been dreaming of. who knows but all I know is that these are definite mainstays in your closet if you are looking for something outside of the heels area that actually fit your feet and are decently priced for those budgeting but who still want to be fashionable.
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    Sneakers - Rose pattern.png
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    sneakers - pinkstudded.png
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    "Atom Republic designs/patterened sneakers"
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    About time someone showed how great the Atom Republic sneakers are. I love 'em. I've been waiting a long time for a good pair of kicks to come onto PlayStation Home and now with AP's release, I finally have 'em.

    Elmo did a great job writing this review and I look forward to seeing others that she may do.
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