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Oct 29, 2011 at 1:39 PM
Dec 24, 2010
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Oct 29, 2011
    1. RedMoonSheWolf
      with a diaper and girls only wanting private attention can easily be noticed from the crowd". :confused1: Not long after I had said my comment i soon realized that through a span of week only 5 or less people were seen wearing a diaper, the corset, and two of them was butt in the trunk clothes. Leading to another question, " Can all the new ill fashionable attire be made for no profit and with that being said was it pointless? The corset i will add is okay because its better than golden swimming top by not sponsoring perversions letting so much unveiled, but countless people have bought it. The corset could be cute with the viper wig and think about game characters are mostly well matured or anime. No none of my friends have purchased them but a friend of a friend did lol. She wore the corset and i thought it wasn't bad unlike the rest. I HOPE IT HELPED! :batman:
      1. RedMoonSheWolf
        weird.... you can not be sent private messages. My Reply: HI THERE STRANGER! How many people did you ask this same question? lol Sorry i hardly ever check messages on here anymore. The costume party was fun last night, you should have been on home :w00t:. Okay my first reaction was, " what were the developer thinking!" "This selection of clothes is revolting" and my bf looked in utter disgust replying people are retarded if they buy this crap then I laughed agreeing with him, but i begun asking myself some questions. While staring in confusion and puzzling the features before me i stated " Hey at least now the harassers
        1. RedMoonSheWolf
          LoL, i dont believe u but i do like your profile picture! i like to view peoples adventures on home :) How have u been?
          1. RedMoonSheWolf
            No pictures?¿? Mystery guy o.0 ah i see :P
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