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Recent Comments

  1. mad-man
    it is a tricky getting up there on the giant rabbit in veemee park
  2. Serenity777angel
    I miss my rainy day and not rainy apartment. It was fun fixing it up with all of my rewards and things i collected. I wish we could have kept all of that. I would have used more of it if I had...
  3. Serenity777angel
    Acorn Park was one of my most favorite places on ps home. I went in there several times a day. There was always something fun to do and it had a neat atmosphere. I loved It during holidays and...
  4. Serenity777angel
    I liked it. It was a neat little get away place to have fun with friends
  5. Serenity777angel
    I loved and waited patiently for all of the holidays on ps home. It was a fun way to spend time for us that dont do much on holidays. But it put you in a fun mood and gave you kind of a way to...