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Big GrinBig Grin :D
ConfusedConfused :confused:
CoolCool :cool: 8-)
Eek!Eek! :eek: :o
Er... what?Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
FrownFrown :(
MadMad :mad: >:( :@
Oops!Oops! :oops:
Roll EyesRoll Eyes :rolleyes:
SmileSmile :) :-) (:
Stick Out TongueStick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
WinkWink ;)
BarefootBarefoot :barefoot:
CautiousCautious :cautious:
CensoredCensored :censored:
CoffeeCoffee :coffee:
CryingCrying :cry:
GiggleGiggle :giggle:
LaughLaugh :LOL:
LoveLove :love:
Not WorthyNot Worthy :notworthy:
SickSick :sick:
SleepSleep :sleep:
SneakySneaky :sneaky:
Thumbs DownThumbs Down (n)
Thumbs UpThumbs Up (y)
UnsureUnsure :unsure:
WhistlingWhistling :whistle:
X3X3 :X3:
AndroidAndroid :android:
AngelicAngelic :angelic:
ArghhArghh :arghh:
ArtistArtist :artist:
AsshatAsshat :asshat:
AstronautAstronaut :astronaut:
BagBag :bag:
Ban HappyBan Happy :banhappy:
Bang HeadBang Head :banghead:
BearBear :bear:
BeaverBeaver :beaver:
Big TearsBig Tears :bigtears:
Black AlienBlack Alien :blackalien:
Black EyeBlack Eye :blackeye: :beatup:
BookwormBookworm :bookworm:
BoredBored :bored:
BorgBorg :borg:
BRBBRB :brb:
BucktoothBucktooth :bucktooth:
CatCat :cat:
ChickenChicken :chicken:
CigarCigar :cigar:
ClownClown :clown:
ColdCold :cold:
Cold FeetCold Feet :coldfeet:
Couch PotatoCouch Potato :couchpotato:
CowCow :cow:
CyclopsCyclops :cyclops:
DeadDead :dead:
DepressedDepressed :depressed:
DoctorDoctor :doctor:
DroidDroid :droid:
DrowningDrowning :drowning:
DummyDummy :dummy:
Dummy1Dummy1 :dummy1:
Egg on FaceEgg on Face :eggface:
FacepalmFacepalm :facepalm:
FingerFinger :finger:
GreedyGreedy :greedy:
Grey AlienGrey Alien :greyalien:
GrumpyGrumpy :grumpy:
HappyHappy :happy:
HeadphoneHeadphone :headphone:
HilariousHilarious :hilarious:
HungoverHungover :hungover:
HungryHungry :hungry:
HurtingHurting :hurting:
In PainIn Pain :inpain:
Jaw DropJaw Drop :jawdrop:
JimladJimlad :jimlad:
JoyfulJoyful :joyful:
KissKiss :kiss:
Link MeLink Me :link:
Lock TopicLock Topic :lock:
LurkingLurking :lurking:
MaskMask :mask:
MehMeh :meh:
MooningMooning :mooning:
MutedMuted :muted:
Nail BitingNail Biting :nailbiting:
NurseNurse :nurse:
Old ManOld Man :oldman:
PandaPanda :panda:
PeekingPeeking :peeking:
PenguinPenguin :penguin:
Phantom of the OperaPhantom of the Opera :phantom:
PicsPics :pics:
PigeonPigeon :pigeon:
PlayfulPlayful :playful:
PompousPompous :pompous:
PunchPunch :punch:
RageRage :rage:
Shamefully EmbarrassedShamefully Embarrassed :shame:
ShiftyShifty :shifty:
ShyShy :shy:
SingingSinging :singing:
SmugSmug :smug:
Smug GrinSmug Grin :smuggrin:
Snap HappySnap Happy :snaphappy:
SorrySorry :sorry:
SourSour :sour:
SpamSpam :spam:
Spit Out DummySpit Out Dummy :spitoutdummy:
Stinky FeetStinky Feet :stinkyfeet:
StopStop :stop:
TrollTroll :troll:
TurtleTurtle :turtle:
VampVamp :vamp:
VomitVomit :vomit:
VulcanVulcan :vulcan:
WackyWacky :wacky:
WatchingWatching :watching:
Wide EyedWide Eyed :wideyed:
WootWoot :woot:
WriterWriter :writer:
WTFWTF :wtf:
YawnYawn :yawn:
YuckYuck :yuck:
ZombieZombie :zombie:
b1b1 :b1:
b11b11 :b11:
b2b2 :b2:
b7b7 :b7:
b9b9 :b9:
b15b15 :b15:
b12b12 :b12:
b6b6 :b6:
b18b18 :b18:
b13b13 :b13:
b10b10 :b10:
b14b14 :b14:
b4b4 :b4:
b3b3 :b3:
b5b5 :b5:
b8b8 :b8:
hamster-dancehamster-dance :hamster-dance:
in-love-hamsterin-love-hamster :in-love-hamster:
emoticon-looney-toons-001emoticon-looney-toons-001 :looney-toons-1:
emoticon-looney-toons-002emoticon-looney-toons-002 :looney-toons-2:
emoticon-looney-toons-003emoticon-looney-toons-003 :looney-toons-3:
emoticon-looney-toons-004emoticon-looney-toons-004 :looney-toons-4:
emoticon-looney-toons-005emoticon-looney-toons-005 :looney-toons-5:
emoticon-looney-toons-006emoticon-looney-toons-006 :looney-toons-6:
emoticon-looney-toons-007emoticon-looney-toons-007 :looney-toons-7:
emoticon-looney-toons-008emoticon-looney-toons-008 :looney-toons-8:
emoticon-looney-toons-009emoticon-looney-toons-009 :looney-toons-9:
emoticon-looney-toons-010emoticon-looney-toons-010 :looney-toons-10:
emoticon-looney-toons-011emoticon-looney-toons-011 :looney-toons-11:
emoticon-looney-toons-012emoticon-looney-toons-012 :looney-toons-12:
emoticon-looney-toons-013emoticon-looney-toons-013 :looney-toons-13:
emoticon-looney-toons-014emoticon-looney-toons-014 :looney-toons-14:
emoticon-looney-toons-015emoticon-looney-toons-015 :looney-toons-15:
emoticon-looney-toons-016emoticon-looney-toons-016 :looney-toons-16:
emoticon-looney-toons-017emoticon-looney-toons-017 :looney-toons-17:
emoticon-looney-toons-018emoticon-looney-toons-018 :looney-toons-18:
emoticon-looney-toons-019emoticon-looney-toons-019 :looney-toons-19:
emoticon-looney-toons-020emoticon-looney-toons-020 :looney-toons-20:
emoticon-looney-toons-21emoticon-looney-toons-21 :looney-toons-21:
alien4alien4 :alien4:
alien5alien5 :alien5:
alien8alien8 :alien8:
alien6alien6 :alien6:
alien9alien9 :alien9:
alien3alien3 :alien3:
alien7alien7 :alien7:
alien1alien1 :alien1:
alien10alien10 :alien10:
alien2alien2 :alien2:
batgirlbatgirl :batgirl:
tardistardis :tardis:
ElmoElmo :Elmo:
auto10auto10 :auto10:
satusatu :satu:
foxlinkfoxlink :foxlink:
FluffyFluffy :Fluffy:
dominatrixdominatrix :dominatrix:
juggernautjuggernaut :juggernaut:
KimonoKimono :Kimono:
shitshit :shit:
zerozero :zero:
whipwhip :whip:
dancing-monkeydancing-monkey :dancing-monkey:
toottoot :toot:
KimKim :Kim:
pokeypokey :pokey:
fluffypjfluffypj :fluffypj:
CarlaBirchCarlaBirch :CarlaBirch:
hughug :hug:
karenkaren :karen:
cutie079cutie079 :cutie079:
thumbupthumbup :thumbup:
heavyheavy :heavy:
pizzapizza :pizza:
coffeecoffee :coffee2:
dancing-kittydancing-kitty :dancing-kitty:
bacondancebacondance :bacondance:
naughtynaughty :naughty:
CarGalCarGal :CarGal:
stabstab :stab:
javajava :java:
ymcaymca :disco:
garygary :gary:
Coffee MachineCoffee Machine :coffee-machine:
beavisnbuttheadbeavisnbutthead :beavisnbutthead:
fryfry :fry:
frymoneyfrymoney :frymoney:
HipsHips :hips: