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January Giveaway - [SCEE] Bramblenook Active Furniture Bundle

Win Bramblenook Active Furniture Bundle

Welcome to the YourPSHome.Net January Giveaway!

Enter this prize draw to be one of 3 lucky winners, to win the Not So Basic 1.2 bundle that gives you the following items to your SCEE account.

Bramblenook Active Furniture Bundle – a collection of seven active items to coordinate with your Bramblenook Farm House or any personal space. Includes:

  • Fine Cuckoo Clock – Tells time and marks the hour with a custom animation featuring miniature farm animals!
  • Fine Cupboard – Allows you to place up to 40 pieces of dinnerware in any space! Set a full place setting for 8 guests for only 7 furniture slots!
  • Fine Harp – Plays 5 melodic tracks!
  • Herb Garden – Design a custom herb garden with this active item.
  • Fine Bed – Includes custom animations.
  • Fine Gazebo – This beautiful gazebo is the perfect complement to any outdoor space.
  • Cow Manger – releases Bramblenook calves which wander around any space
Please note this is open to "Trusted Members" of the site only, "Trusted Members" are members who have been members for more than 31 days and who have made 25 posts or more.
The prize is Bramblenook Active Furniture Bundle

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