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      • Feb 16, 2020 at 11:00 PM
        C.Birch C.Birch: wonder when they will update to make the av's look good lol
        • Feb 13, 2020
          mad-man mad-man: atom universe fixed the problem in Dungeon of death space. And I work on the rewards from Treasure Island. And spent 7 days and got all rewards.
        • Feb 12, 2020
          Chat Bot: Leggett Autry is our newest member. Welcome!
          • Feb 3, 2020
            mad-man mad-man: Oh, Atom Universe new update, fix the problem for receive reward from dungeon of death. I can get black kitty companion. Yay. However, new fix bring another bug....invision door you can't pass the openned door, and the freeze problem when you enter the space.
          • Feb 2, 2020
            Chat Bot: Hanson is our newest member. Welcome!
          • Jan 31, 2020
            Chat Bot: RoboKnightYT is our newest member. Welcome!
            • Jan 28, 2020
              mad-man mad-man: Year 2020 it's just getting worst. Remember don't goto China, the virus is spreading. People going crazy and panic.
            • Jan 28, 2020
              Chat Bot: kitty mirlow is our newest member. Welcome!