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  1. Yes the game provides a challenge and why shouldn't it, that's the goal or should be the goal of any game. To the response of not beating enemies, this is an RPG, which requires strategy. There are many weakness you can exploit in Episode II, you just have to be aware of them! If everyone disliked a game based on the factors in part I of this blog, the gaming industry wouldn't be what it is today! It's not only the story that draws me to a game, but the challenge as well!! In saying that, I have concluded that Xenosaga Episode II is the best of the 3, not saying it's perfect because it's not, but due to the fact theres so much hate for it and because I feel it offered something I and III didn't. I mean the Jin & Marguilus conflict should've concluded via swords, instead of E.S. (that's another story though)


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  1. yokokoroma
    That's understandable, as I said in the RPG thread, RPGS are time consuming and there are those of us who don't have the time to complete such games, it's good that you want to play or have intentions to play it! In the case of not finishing Episode I, you can always pick up where you left off via memory card! Yes, Episode I, is a full fledged cinematic RPG from start to finish! The special techniques/moves of the characters are the most alluring aspect of the game!! That's true, Xenosaga is not for everyone, you have to have an open mind to play it! In regard to the challenge issue, that's a given, every RPG I play has to give me a challenge, if not there's no point in me playing it! lol I couldn't agree more, I don't play on easy difficulty, I start on Normal and work my way up from there! If you continue to play games on easy you'll never get any better at that game! "God Of War II" is a perfect example of this, as I was able to fight my way through "titan" mode as a result of me playing through the Hard difficulty! Thanks for your support Grand_Viceroy! it's much appreciated!
  2. Grand_Viceroy
    I actually have the game, but because there's just not enough time in the day, whether it's work, home life, PS HOME, other games etc, I've never played it but still have intentions. I actually still never finished part 1, but need to pick up where I left off. I feel it does offers a lot to the more savvy player. of course not everyone will get into it, and that's well and good. Challenge-wise: Isn't that the goal of ALL rpgs? If every game was easy to beat, then we would be bored to tears. I definitely support you in this blog Yokokoroma. Keep on doing what you do. :happy: